FAO mrs_e

Happy anniversary! Hope you're doing something lovely and romantic.

Have you managed to resist testing? - are you still waiting until Sat?


  • oooh i've only just seen this!
    hi ptb!!!

    had a lovely weekend thanks - went to bournemouth then called in oxford on the way back yesterday which was nice to see it again!!!

    i have managed to resist testing so far. but since i've got home all i can think about is buying pg tests. am NOT going to buy one until thursday at the earliest, and if no AF then will test friday but i'm not going to get my hopes up too much.

    am clearly symptom spotting though!!!

    how are you doing? xxx
  • Am good thanks - school's winding down now & I'm off to Paris with the jazz band & chamber choir in a few days which I'm weirdly quite excited about. Also bought myself a nice new jumper today which is always a good thing.

    Hope you're still resisting testing....
  • ooh paris sounds lovely - i hope you have a fab time! it will be bump's first trip won't it?!

    happy new jumper image i think i need some retail therapy!!

    speak soon xx
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