Has anybody heard from Socks this afternoon ? Wasn't she going for a scan ?


  • I've been looking out for her too. maybe she's just not back yet? fingers crossed xxx
  • i think we are all looking for her, my fingers crossed too! x
  • my fingers are crossed - sending lots of sticky babydust xxx
  • really hope its good news for her!
    will try to keep this bumped!
  • I don't think it is good news girls. I am still bleeding quite alot. I had a really big clot about the size of a golf ball which was horrible. I have to ring the doctor tomorrow they wont scan me until next week as they won't see any thing. I am so tired. I wish it would just stop. I am sure it has gone. I can't imagine I can bleed this much and anything could survive. I really feel so drained. Thank you so much for your support it is really helping xx :cry:
  • oh hun i'm sorry to hear that. are you experiencing much pain?
    i hope mrsocks is looking after you. we are all here for you xx
  • Bless you, you are in my thoughts, I really hope it's not too much longer before you know for sure wots going on. Don't forget everyone on here is always about if you need us. Take care xxx
  • There is no pain, except the emotional type. I suppose that is something I should be grateful for.
  • socks if there is no pain there is still a chance.
    as SB says - many women do go on to have healthy babies despite bleeding.

    i know how frustrating it is not knowing what is going on inside your body and having to wait. my thoughts are with you
  • I've seen Socks on another thread. Hopefully that's a good sign?
  • still thinking of you hun and hoping!!! xxx
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