Totally Confused....

Reading through people's posts, i have just realised, i am totally confused, and starting to panic.

I know what a cycle is, and AF, but how do you work this out...???

On 25th May i got my first AF in 2 yrs. I finished my AF on 31st May.

So how do i know what day i am on..... :\? :\? :\? :\?

I must sound so dumb, but because i never had af in so long, i didn't work out my days.....

When will i ov do you think?

Oh dear..... :lol:


  • The first day of your cycle is the first day of proper AF so you will be on day 9 (I think!!) if you google 'ovulation calculator' there are some brill tools to help you along!
    It confusing isn't it!!
  • You count day 1 of your cycle as the first day of your period. Because you haven't had a period in a few years it is difficult to say when you will ov as you do not know how long your cycles are.

    Are you going to be using ov stick etc?

  • Thanks for replies - really appreciate it!

    I was using the ov sticks, but they didn't seem to work for me, so i got fed up and stopped using them. Will deffo use them this month now i had a proper af.

    So i count the first day of af (which was full blown by afternoon time :lolimage until the fist day of my next af?

    Yup.... totally confusing... like being back at school :lol:
  • OK cd1 for you was on the 25th May which makes you on CD 9 they say you OV around about 14 days after your first day of AF so that for you would be this saturday. I would say all this week really so I would bd as much as you can, though in saying this not all women ov 14 days afterwards and as your AF'S are all over the place this might not be the case for you.

    I would say however to bd anyway image

    k xx
  • Thanks so much, bd was on the agenda all this week and next anywaysimage

    x x x x
  • Brill this is what I would do, bd every other day if you can maybe start using pre seed as this can help image

    K xx
  • Brill this is what I would do, bd every other day if you can maybe start using pre seed as this can help image

    K xx

    What's this K-Lou? (pre seed?):\?
  • Ha ha - I keep thinking of lawn seed for some reason!!
  • What's pre seed..... anyone.....???:\?
  • it's a special lubricant to help create a friendly environment for oh little swimmers. useful if you don't produce much ewcm around ov. you have to squirt it up yourself (haha!!!) before bd!! other lubricants are harmful to spermies but this has been designed for ttc.
  • Oh my god your joking?? I have to squirt it up myself LOL oh my god i never new thats LOL i though you just out some on him put some on me and away we go LOL

    K xx
  • suppose that could work too but think the idea is to get it near your cervix to help the swimmers get up there!!! other lubricants aren't really for that job. why not spread it around all over the place!!!
  • haha this is hilarious- what is even more hilarious is that i am now thinking of nipping out to the shops to get some magic preseed - what a great name.
  • Where is the best place to buy this?? Is it expensive?

    My word they have something for everything these days, haha.

  • I bought my on ebay - arrived next day, but you can also get it online from accessdiagnostics for quite a good price.
  • I have never heard of this !!!!
    Sorry to say it made me giggle a bit, but if it works !!!
    I'm off to find some !!!!
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