bloods bak. . no baby booey yet.

hey ladies. .
Nothin to report really lol. . Just wanted to say hi. . Having a nosy As you do lol
hope everyone is good. . Gonna ring for blood s tomorrow see if any news x
then its back to ttc month three x X

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  • hey booey.
    hope ur ok.
    got my fingers crossed for u for tomorrow hunni. xxx
  • I have been wondering how you are. I am still waiting on your BFP announcment ;\)

    I have my fingers very tightly crossed xxx
  • just to let you no blood test is negative ladies. . So onto this month now lot
    month three. . Next month gonna be using cbfm for sure Woohoo x X
    baby love must have been bad evaporation line hey lol oh well you live and learn x hope baby Booey comes for Christmas x X
  • sorry to hear the booey image really hope you get your bfp very very soon!!!!

    ashy x
  • awww sorry booey. at least u have ur cbfm for this month? so pma! xxxx
  • awh sorry to hear that booey, fingers crossed for this month hunni xxx
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