OMG ladies!!

Hi all,

This is going to be long winded so if you get to the end then thanks!

As some of you may know from previous posts, my last cycle was 42 days long when I'm usually 28 days. I put it down to coming off the pill as we used the withdrawal method, so no bd'ing. The reason we had to put off ttc is because of our house move being postponed due to a sitting tenant who will not move out. We have had to go through the courts etc.

Anyway, I had some spotting start last sun and counted mon as cd1. I decided to use a cbfm this month because of last months palarva! Today is cd6 so cbfm asked me to poas as it does. Except I got a pos and it gave me a 2nd line. I thought this was odd as it would mean I've gone from a 42 day cycle to a very short one. I've heard some ladies on here say that their opks detected pregnancy hormones so on a whim I tested and I have a line!!!!!! Its fainter than a control line but its blue and its there?? So I've done another and line!!!

So if this means I have a bfp (I'm still not convinced due to withdrawal method) they would count my last cd1 when calculating edd wouldn't they? That was 22nd feb. So I would be DIN?

I can't even believe this? I never thought it was possible using withdrawal method because most people don't get bfp for months when actual bd'ing.

I'm so confused but the lines are defo there. You don't have to squint or nothing to see them?! I can't even post pics because the only internet I have atm is my phone due to house move etc! Which I am now panicking about also because if she doesn't move out of the house this time who knows how long I could be waiting for?

Sorry for rambling I feel all over the place right now and OH is playing in a football semi final till 2 so I can't even show him yet! Might go get cbd for in the morning!


  • Have you done a pregnancy test? It's not clear from your post if it's a preg test or a cbfm stick? xx
  • Have you done a pregnancy test? It's not clear from your post if it's a preg test or a cbfm stick? xx
  • Oh sorry, I'm not thinking right. Yeah 2 preg tests. I did them because I got a pos cbfm stick on cd6 so thought Id just test on a whim just to check and I got bfp so did another and bfp.
  • congrats huni xx
  • Congrats hun, fingers crossed xx
  • The withdrawal method is not 100% realiable hun. Even before ejaculation, a small amount of fluid leaks out of the penis. Some of this fluid would inavriably contain sperm. As we all know, it only takes one! Congratulations on your suprise BFP! image
  • PS - Your due date is 29th November 2010, based on LMP.
  • My god! I know its not reliable but I just never thought it would get me knocked up!!

    I still don't believe it. I'm gonna have to book in with docs asap because I had a few glasses of wine Friday night and last Friday. I even went to a blimmin theme park Monday on rollercoasters and used tampons when I thought I had af. I am now a little concerned about the bleeding.

    Do you think I should pop down my local a&e today to check all is ok? Will they see me?

    Sorry ladies, I'm just so in shock! OH is on his way home and he will probably pass out when I break the news to him!

    Thanks for your support ladies, iit really has helped!!
  • woooo! congratulations Lady2188 x x
  • he he....congratulations sweetie x x
  • Aw congratulations, Bet that was abit unexpected! image

  • lol what a suprise !!! image

    Congraaats !!
  • Congratulations on your surprise BFP hun!! x x x
  • sounds like a BFP to me! congrats!xxxx
  • congrats hun hope you move this time 2 lol gl H&H 9 months hun xxx
  • YAY cognrats hun x Bet youre wqell chuffed
    What did hubby say? Did he pass out? he he x
  • I told him when he was driving, I didn't realise. He was and still is gobsmacked!

    I've been to docs this morning and took my whole bundle of tests. He's booked me in for an early scan within the next week just to check the bleeding but I've done another test tonight and they're getting darker so fingers crossed!

    Ill keep you all posted on how it goes. I don't really want to move into a due in forum just yet just in case the results aren't good or in case my due dates moved due to my long cycle!

    Thanks again for your support ladies!
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