CD 1, month 7 ...... :-(

Here we go again.....

af arrived late last night so ill count today as cd 1.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx :cry:


  • image I am sorry honey image try not to give up hope though it will all work I promise you image

    K xxx
  • Hi hun, sorry to hear that! Keep the PMA and try again this month. I am on CD5 and it is depressing but I keep telling myself that we will get a result this month....
    Sure it will happen for you
  • hey cycle buddie!!

    really sorry to hear that the witch got you!!!
    don't really know what to say honey but heres some PMA and baby dust!! ********

    p.s. i'm still waiting on AF day 33 not sure how long cycle would be last mth was 31 days after a 39 day cycle, but too scared to test!!
  • oh honey so sorry she arrived! try and keep ur chin up! have u had ur bloods done yet?
  • Sorry to hear af arrived. It's heartbreaking isn't it.

    Take care and good luck for next time.

  • PMA honey although i know it must be disheartening.

    I was speaking to my mate last night who got pg first month off pill and she said she BD every single night - dont know if i'd be up to doing it that

    I got my OV sticks yesterday. I was standing in boots and just happened to look at the sell by date and it was 05/08 so i had to trapse all the way long the shop for another box but luckily these are dated until November. The women then forgot to take the security tag off and the buzzer went off - i'm hoping this brings me luck.

    Go for it!!!
  • Oh hun sorry to hear she found u....keep ur pma up and bring on this month xxxxxxx
  • thanks for your messages girls.
    lilac - yeah had my bloods done to check hormones and came back normal
    Im ok chin is up and have lots of PMA. Just other crap going on in my life at mo thats getting me down that I wont bore you all with.
    Good luck girlies xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • oh hun... I know exactly how you feel and I promise one day it will be our turn (well that's what I keep telling myself). I saw a friend last weekend who had trouble conceiving and her new baby and she did say something lovely - "it will happen when the perfect baby for you is ready to appear"

    break open the choccie and the bottle of wine and ask hubby to look after you tonight. Enjoy the bank holiday weekend being able to have a glass of wine or two in the forecasted sunshine.

  • LOL at bettyo in Boots! Bet it does bring you luck!

    Fiona86 it is so depressing and I know you you feel but like MrsJules74 says give yourself a Bank Holiday break and build up the PMA again. xxx
  • Well Im off out to London with OH for my mates 21st tomoro now and cant wait. I can drink whoop whoop!!!!!!
    I will be dancing the night away without a care in the world so for one night only I can forget about ttc. thanks for ur replies xxxxxxxxxx
  • Oh Fiona sorry the witch arrived. At least you can get very drunk and drown your sorrows at the 21st. I'm still waiting for my af to arrive. on cd31 and no idea of length of cycle so if you wanna send her my way when you're done with he i'll be pleased to see her so i can move on to next month. I hate limbo land.
  • Go Fiona have a blast in London - you derserve it and and put your TTC hat back on afterwards.

    Have fun.
  • ok, I hate Limbo land too. Tbh Im rather pleased she showed her face on cd32 because I was going mad last month when she didnt show until cd44.
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