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Hi Ladies,

My hubby and I have just started ttc this month so not expecting any miracles. However, I'm to be maid of honour at my friends wedding on September 11th so I've been trying to figure out how many weeks pregnant I would be if we fell this month. My last AF was 21st May and my cycles are long - average 38 days, going by that I may not have even ovulated yet but when I typed my last AF date and cycle length into a due date calculator it said I would be due 7th March and am currently 1 week pregnant?!:\? How does that work? I realise it's all approximate and not an exact science but then how many weeks would I be on september 11th and is it likely that I would be showing - arrrggghhhhh :roll: I hate maths at the best of times and this is sending my head spinning, I'm so confused, how can I be 1 week gone when it's unlikely that I've even ovulated. Can anyone explain it to me - I'd be super grateful image


  • Ok so most people ovulate 14 days before af. So work that out then take another 2 weeks away from that date as this is taking into account dating from LMP if you had a 28 day cycle.

    I worked out you would be nearly 15 weeks.

    Does any of this make sence as im very bad at explaining things xx
  • Oh and forgot to say you would tecnically be 1 week as your date is from 2 weeks before you ovulate. So 2 weeks after ovulation your 4 weeks :lol:
  • Most ladies don't know the exact date of conception so medical professionals use the date of your LMP to work out your due date, hence when you ovulate you are already about "2 weeks pregnant". Obviously you aren't, which is why most babies aren't born on their actual due date, it's just an indication of when you'd be due give or take 2 weeks-ish either way. Hope that explains things for you a bit xx
  • I didn't work out the dates as babylove did that already but the easiest way to remember is that you're only pregnant 38 weeks - you add two weeks because most women have a luteral phase of two weeks - the weeks between the start of your period and the time you ovulate... That's how they get to 40 weeks... slightly!!!

    Keep in mind you could be pregnant for up to 42 weeks if you go over your due date!!!
  • Hi Ladies,

    thanks so much for the quick replies I really appreciate it, and thanks for the lesson my head has finally stopped spinning image it's all much clearer now. It's funny to think that I could already be a week pregnant ha ha - if only that were true!

    Who knew that pregnancy and all things related to it are so complicated - until a month or so ago I thought it was as simple as having unsafe sex :lol:

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