1st month TTC - how do I calculate DPO

Hi there

Little bit of adive if you please?

This is is our first month TTC so am just getting used to all of the calculating!

I had a positive Ovulation test on 14th and every morning since, as I'm still getting positive results does this mean I have not ovulated yet? should I carry on testing until I get a negative then start counting DPO from that date?

I THINK I might have had OPains on 15th so do I start counting from then?

No temperature rise as such yet .2c rise this morning - is that significant ?

Huge thanks - so hard getting your head round all of this AND the terminology! ha! Husband is VERY amused by it all!!



  • Hello, what CD are you on now?
    You normally ov around 1-2 days after you get the LH surge which would be when you first got the +ov test? Are they definately +and not just 2 lines and ov tests you get 2 lines but the 2nd one has to be as dark if not darker than the test line for it to be a +. If that makes sense!
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