how long before.....

so,... how long before you get symptons of being pregnant???

I swear to God my boobs are really tender, i feel extra bloated and my mood is very well... odd, i am calmer and happier than normal (believe me this is extreme for me lol).

I have spots too.... more than usual with my AF.......... but then agin the weather has been shit which makes my skin worse.

Any ideas how long it takes?


  • I'm sure it differs a lot between women, but I'd say at least a week past ov.
  • Hey ladies,

    My mum knew she was pregnant a wk after ov, She said she just had a gutt feeling and didnt feel right.

    I agree with mn88 every woman is different.
  • I started with the symptoms a week after ov but blamed my sore boobs on my mattress!! :lol:
    Thought I musn't be getting a restful sleep as I was so tired and achey. Plus I'd gone on a diet so no chocolate made me grumpy! I really should have realised sooner...then I had af so didn't think anything of being pregnant which really confused me when I got a BFP the next month - despite not trying that month at all!!

    Bodies are strange... image
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