*tink* :D

Hay just read you post i didnt take it the wrong way hun.
I was saying my feelings and i am rrrreeeaaaalllyyy sorry if it came across wrong in any way.
I re-read it 4 times just to make sure i didnt sound funny before posting and i am sorry if you thought i had.
Were all doing the same thing and wanting the same thing image :lol: BD and babys that is image image

And hun DONT GO ON COSMO and you wont get stressed :lol: :lol: :lol: Stay with us hun xxx

((((((hugs))))) Gembags xxxxxxxxxxx image image xxxxxxxxxxxx

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  • Sorry to g/c but I don't think you came across badly, I just think after the teenage pregnancy rant that Tink is being careful and i don't blame her!! That was a very enjoyable rant!! Keep em coming Tink, your posts are the highlight of my day!! :lol:

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  • I knew what she had ment image just thought i would get seen hahahahahaha
    I would of been careful 2 dotty image
    Everyone should have a rant its good for you :lol:
    How are you dotty??? u in the 2ww???
  • Thanks for the gembags, i just didnt want (like dotty said) the teen pregnancy rant to happen again. I suppose i am just curious. My mum said i always asked a lot of questions and i am only 22 so i still have a lot to learn :lol:
    I a one of these people that thinks, if you want to know something or express something then just ask it or do it!!! I am not shy as you can prob tell and maybe come across as a bit naive or stupid but that is just to fool you all image

    :lol: i do just get curious though but you girls are all so lovely on here that i dont want to offend or upset anyone!!!

    Love to all, oh and snowy, mince piey babydust too xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • I think it seems like alot of people have thought about it image
    You ask away...... Any questions u want hun x
    I just wanted you to know i wasnt upset with you. I love coming on BE and seeing all the post's.
    Lots of snowy baby dust your way *tink* x
  • Hey Tink, just wanted to say that have the balls to ask what none of us dare to! You are such a sweetheart that noone could ever take offence and if they do then they don't understand you.
    I think that writing things down can be soo difficult cos people can read it in a million ways. I think we all worry too much about offending people and no-one would be on here if they didn't want to offer support. I am actually concerned about getting my BFP cos I would miss this place, lol!
    Loves and hugs xxx
  • Hi Gembags,
    I'm now in the 1ww!! It's bloody awful isn't it!! I'm hoping this week will fly by!! Although i'm not confident that we did it this month!! Best to think that way I think, reverse psychology!!
    How are you getting on?? x
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