CD1:( ...& could i have some advice please? x

Hello Ladies,

Well i'm on CD1image I did do an early pregnancy test. which said BFN. So i knew this day was coming, but this is still such a horrible feeling...especially as this is the 7th month of feeling like this!! However i have purchased a CBFM (was using OPK,only the sticks) so im hoping i get more luck for month 8?

Could i just ask 4 a little advice? Usually i ovulate on day 12....My OH works away, will i still have a chance of catching of we BD on CD 8, 9, 13 &14?:\?

I'm really hoping that month 8 may b my turn??xxxxxxx


  • firstly big hugs x x x

    I would say that having loads of sex before ovulation is the best thing to do as it gives you more chance as the sperm can stay alive for about 6 days this is how I got pregnant first time round, also (TMI) but I have long periods and would always wait until I was all finished until I realised I was missing the boat if you like.

    I also took a tip off here at the time (2007) and had my legs in the air after each time hahaha I think it worked

    good luck this month
  • Ok, Thanx 4 the advice, Iv tilted my hips...but looks like i'l be tryin g legs in the air this month lolimage
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