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ttc after merina coil.

Hiya is anyone ttc after a merina coil? i just wondered when i would expect to have kind of bleed after having my coil taken out(had it taken out 2 weeks ago), i didnt have periods for nearly 2 years so i dont know "when" my period is. I did a OPK kit today and it was positive, so does that mean i realistically should have af in 2 weeks time??? All the doctor has told me is that the hormones from the coil disapeer from the body v.quick.

Any experiences AFTER coil would be appreciated xxx
JO xxx


  • Hi. Sorry dont want to be bearer of bad news esp as i havent posted for ages but have heard and personally experienced problems ttc straight after having mirena coil removed. I had a period about 3 weeiks after coil removed (they were regular b4 coil fitted) then got pg 2 months later but it sadly ended in a m/c. my doc says she recommends people wait 3 months after mirena removed b4 ttc. on a positive did later have succesful pg! good luck xx
  • Hi I had the mirena coil after having it removed I had a period within a couple of days then about two weeks later had a bleed for about two days, didn't know whether to count that as an mini af but 4 weeks later had a BFP. There are quite a few people on here who have mentioned m/c occuring after the coil but I'm now 30+5 weeks and was lucky to have no problems. Good luck Lisa xx
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