I am out of hiding :(

She found me today and is being sooo cruel - I swear she is punishing me for thinking I may be PG!! I am in absolute agony in stomach and back and can hardly walk! Bitch!! lol!!

Oh well - onto month 3 - at least I can use my OPK now to check things are happening as they should be xx And I guess 48 days is better than any more than that! So that makes a 40 day and a 48 day cycle.

THIS MONTH I AM NOT SYMPTOM SPOTTING WHATSOEVER!! That way I cannot persuade myself I may be PG!! If I do start doing it please feel free to tell me off and stop me :lol:


  • immense sorry to hear she found you and that she is being cruel but i'm glad that she is here now if she was going to come anyway.

    i told myself i wouldn't symptom spot and i've already started at 3dpo! doh!!! as if i would start that early!

    lots of pma and babydust to you xxxxx
  • Oh immense....im so hear to hear this hun! Try to keep your PMA up though, AF really is a witch! Hope she finishes soon!

  • I'm the same. started symptom spotting and got my hopes up.
    the evil witch got me too at the weekend. right after i got a bfn which was like she was just trying the put the boot in.
    my periods are irregular so this one is awful. i've been so bad. i daren't even stand as i can feel it. i feel flooded (tmi i know)
    i even took the day of work today and stayed in my p'js all day i was that fed up and feeling like crap.

    fingers crossed next month is our month. well thats if i have an af next month it could more likely be a few knowing my Af's.
  • Thank you mrs-e - I was gutted when it happened, but am over it now and looking to this month. At least she arrived now and not at CD90!! lol xx

    I am going to try my hardest to ignore everything - unless I start throwing up - then I will think differently lol xx
  • Tasha - I am flooding too xx Sorry to here she is giving you a crap time too xx I was getting a bit hopeful as was 8 days late - but guess my body is just getting rid of the pill.

    Good luck and PMA to both of us xx
  • Happy and sad she found you immense. Your hiding place obviously didn't work, you can find a better one next month!

    She definitely could have taken her time, and disappointed you later on. So into the next month with me. July it is then! PMA is trying to surface! lol xx
  • I am trying to find PMA too but am doubly gutted today. One that this happened and also - I was hoping to be godparent to my cousins little one and all the family keep saying I should be - but no - she has asked others image I will be ok tho once I have a decent nights sleep xx
  • Sorry to hear that image AF's a bitch!
  • Sometimes everything happens at once doesn't it?! xx
  • Aww man, thats rubbish that af found you! At least though like Mithical says she could have taken much longer so if she was gonna come better sooner than later. How many months have you been ttc now? Hopefully July will be a lucky month for all of us, its our first wedding anniversary next week so I'm full of PMA at the moment so I'll share some with you image

    Hope you feel better soon, Caroline xxx
  • oh no...i really thought you had managed to avoid the old af this time. our bodies can be just plain cruel sometimes! heres some PMA..keep smiling
  • mithical - it certainly does!! I am just soo tired today so think it is getting to me xx

    caroline_m - That was my 2nd mth - so onto mth 3! I can't really moan as having been trying that long x Thanks for the PMA - hope you have a great wedding anniversary xx
  • Thanks immense, we're off up to the Lakes for a couple of days, hopefully we'll have a relaxing time & get in lots of bd :lol: Hey you know what they say about third time lucky? Maybe that means third month lucky for you??? Fingers crossed for this time,

    Caroline xxx
  • Thanks baileyb - at least I can start trying again lol xx

    thanks caroline - I am going to try and relax about it all this month and see if that helps! TBH - if it had been a BFP I would have been surprised as had 3 x stressful exams last mth!! Now that stress is out the way it may be be good xx
  • Oh no, I'm so disappointed for you. Sending you lots of PMA for next month.
    On a good note we can be cycle buddies if you like because af found me an hour ago. I will email my donor in the morning and see if he can do next friday or saturday.
    OT-I've managed to stick to my points allowance so far this week!
  • aw hunni that is pants! At least it came which is better than it not comming and having bfn.
    good luck for nxt month! Thinking of u. image xx
  • i am sorry to hear the ole bag got you its wicked but at least like you said you have some idea of your cycles so maybe not all bad.
    im supposed to be ov all this week so far nothing and to make it worse my hubby working out late most nites this week , and when he gets home is shattered so thats a nuiscance!
    Lets keep the pma up its all we have and each other of course xxxxxx
  • hjanea - sorry she found you too xx But well done on sticking to your allowance - keep it going!! I am possibly going to reach goal this week as only 1Ib to go - but really feel like comfort eating -so maybe not! lol xx That will be me, you and twizzlepie as cycles buddies! Although I may have the longest cycle. Good luck with your donor xx

    Thanks clarkie - and yes - at least i know what is happening! 40 and 48 days is fairly regular!

    babyblip - sorry to hear about hubby and OV - what a nightmare! I can understand as my OH is a chef for private aircraft and works all ridiculous hours!! he is due home t 3am today / 2moro!! Has been doing stupid 18 hour shifts this week so is knackered too!! I really could have done with him here to have hug tho image I am off work wednesday with him tho so can't wait!!

    PMA to all of us xx
  • Hi Immense,

    Well, I know its not much consolation,but at least you know one way or the other for sure and a pattern seems to be emerging. Sucks that AF has come with a vengence though, mine did quite the opposite when it decided to arrive 4 days late!

    As you say though, onwards and upwards to month 3 - let July be the record month for BFPs!!!!

  • I am sorry she found you babe, it hurts when it happens eh but you pick yourself up, hold your head high and keep going. I am also now going onto month three so we can go into it together.

    I feel soo much more relaxed about it this time round for some reason. I think it;s because I have all the preg signs under the sun the last two months and still got BFN and AF so i guess there is no real point me symptom spotting.

    Best of luck honey

    K xx
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