help! Really confused

I have been having the marathon of all AFs. Not been heavy just long. I think it finally finished yesterday at 16 days.

But I have been OV testing since the 9th for 6 days now and keep getting a pos OV. So confused because there is no way I could OV for that long. So this morning got another pos OV test so then used the same pee to do a cheapie hpt test and have got a faint line.

Really confused as I thought a line was a line....but I've been having WTF is going on???


  • sounds rather odd but if you've got a line ... get yourself a cbd and test again!!!
  • Hi vixs, on ov tests its not as simple as that. THe second line has to be as dark or darker than the test line for it to be +. If it is fainter then it is a neg. Hope this helps.
    SLOW x
  • You can see why I'm confused. I mean I've heard of some getting AF as usual...but 16 days...

    Got a CBD in my drawer, so just need to save up enough pee.
  • hi Slow, the second line has definitely always been darker. As I usually get a couple of faint lines then I get one pos on the OV test then it goes again. But just seem to be getting a pos OV everday.
  • ooooohhhh! let us now how you get on with the cbd. ov sticks i thin can give a pos 4 being pg!! doesn't explain the long af though but if it wasnt heavy could be a wierd implantation?????
    good luck!
  • Another thing if you don't already know but you should use FMU with ov tests either, you should use afternoon pee after not drinking for a couple of hours. it must be horrendus though 16 days!
  • thanks DG, just got too wait a bit longer. I suppose it is possible to be PG as a line is supposed to be pos hpt, it was faint but it certainly was there.

    Too much waiting to do when ttc, its all driving me mad. I just hope its not some silly trick my body is playing on me.
  • Hiya, the pg hormone hCG is really similar to the ov hormone LH, so hCG can give you a +ve ov test!! I would say go to your GP as you have been bleeding for a long time.

  • thanks pinkgirl and cherry picker. Didn't have a cbd it was a boots, but again came up with a faint line. Double checked with OH and he could see it too.

    TMI but it has been a light AF with more CM most of the time. Fingers crossed. Think I will take your advice and do a cbd if that is pos too will go and see the doc.

    Dont want to get too excited at this stage.
  • Fingers crossed for you(I have to confess that I am a little excited for you). Good luck honey!xx
  • thanks hjanea. I'm the same when anyone here gets a possible bfp and your waiting for them to retest, I'm usually on the edge of my seat!!
  • ooohhh! your still making me wait!!!! Sounds better all the time! Get yerself a cbd asap and let us know!! (sorry to be so impatient!!! i'm being worse than i am on my 2ww!!)
  • OMG OMG OMG!! I did a cheapie ebay this morning and was getting impatient waiting for it to develop, so thought I would try the CBD I got now. After reading the instructions it said 3 mins to wait with the timer showing.....this shows how impatient I can be, cause I Immediately thought oh no 3 mins to wait....thats ages.

    But the cheapie came up again with a faint line and the CBD only took about 90 seconds and said BFP!!! OMG, feels like it is not me.

    I feel so excited and happy...but now worrying about those drinks I had last week and the light AF I had...ohhh. I thought I was on AF, so wasn't so careful.

    Think I best make an appt with the doc! OMG!
  • Hurrah!!! That is absolutely fantastic news!!! Congratulations!!!!!

    Just shows that anything is possible!!!!! Brilliant!!! I'm so excited for you!!! Have a happy healthy 9 months xxxx
  • Thanks dappytart, you do hear about some women having AF during pg, but you never think yourself will be an exception.

    Just hope I've just got a weird body and nothing is medically wrong. So going to put my mind at rest and get checked out.
  • Fantastic news vixs!! Thought this would be the result as your af sounded too wierd to be anything else!! Many congratulations.
  • Brilliant news! I've been following this thread since the weekend and am so pleased that this is the outcome! x
  • Congratulations, that's great news! Well done you!
  • Congratulations!!Thats brilliant!!!xxx
  • Congrats! When are you due? Hope to see you in the Feb forum!
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