EWCM or SEMEN - Trust me!!

I have what looks like EWCM again today but I have been dry the last few days due on tomorrow. We did bd last night but I clean up afterwards and there was nothing at lunch time so could this still be semen and how am I meant to tell them apart??

If i tried to seperate it, it keeps it shape after about an inch.

K xx


  • didn't want to r and r (title to your post v eye-catching, lol!) but really don't know! would the little guys hang round that long? cm can be v confusing. x

  • hmmm I think it could be semen still, I think it can lurk way up there in your cervix for ages, it's in the right spot to get on up there anyway!!!!!
  • I know it doesn't help you much this time but to tell which it is you should try to stretch it (which you did) but also put it in water. ewcm will go into a clump and sink whereas semen is water soluble

    (My god, I can't believe I know all these things. If you had asked me 6 months ago what ewcm would have looked at you blankly!)
  • BabyB i had a feeling you would know the answer to this image

    (only because today when i was wondering whether i had EWCM or swimmers i thought "hhmmm BabyB has read this in a book somewhere and it has something to do with water"!!)

  • I'm so glad you've asked this question as I often wonder! x
  • Glad my obsessiveness helps people!!! image
  • Hi Baby B...... WELL!!i tried you top this morning and it sunk WAHOOOO it must be EWCM!!!

  • ha ha ha nice to see I am not the only one who knows all about cm lol Well I had that at work last night so could not do the test but at just before I went to bed I had a tiny bit as well and did the water test and it sunk so it must of been or at least that bit was ewcm.

    K xxxxx
  • k-lou you never fail to make me smile!! i really hope it is your month hun xx when do you test?


  • hee hee I try, I try image

    Well I am due on today, I took a test on 12DPO and that was BFN and then I took a test yesterday 13DPO and again BFN.

    So I reckon she will found me before the weekend or even at the weekend if I have no come on by sunday I will test then I think.

    My body has been all over the place this month it's been acting very odd but then the pill is still trying to get out of my body.

    k XXX
  • right i am going to ask a silly question now to the queen of cm, are you sure you havent ov late? do you use ov sticks? its never over till af arrives xx best of luck hun x


  • I don't have a Scooby Doo, I have not used OV stick. My last cycle was 30 days long. My CD1 was the 1st July so, on line it said I should ov on 17th July though on sunday 13th I had ewcm I also had this on the 14th the monday and then nothing after that?? I just had very thick white cm so I thought I OV's on the tuesday 15th or wed 16th?

    I am still all confused about it as I am still trying to get in tune with my body. If I did OV later though it now means my cycle will be longer which is upsetting me as my cycles are getting longer and longer.

    My first was 28 then 30 and now who knows when i will come on though have had crmaps this morning that hurt!!!

    K xx
  • hopefully the cow bag will stay away and then maybe you could test again in the morning, it really is amazing how much diffrence one even 2 days makes in getting your BFP, things do sound rather promising K i really hope its gonna be your time, try not to loose your PMA , our bodies can be very cruel to us xxx


  • Oh i know they can, I felt really pants yesterday so did feel a bit sorry for myself but I did actually just email hubby and said that if AF finds me today then i will actualy be ok with it i think.

    Like i said I am feeling ok though I do have cramps and also feeling light headed. I am looking at my keyboard but it's like I can't focus on it.

    K xxx
  • well good luck xx i will be awaiting your results chicken! good luck, btw i had the dizziness too xxx


  • I hear so much about ewcm and when you actually ov in relation to it.

    I have heard you ov on the last day you have of ewcm. But then my LP is all over the place! :roll:

    I want to count the day after ewcm as 1dpo, but don't know if that is right. Do you ov the day after ewcm, as egg is about for 12-36 hours?! Either way I know it doesn't affect the length of your cycle, and if you count the same way each month, then surely you can still work out an average LP?!

    It is all so confusing sometimes, especially with maths involved! :lol: image xx
  • I am so rubbish about it, I think my LP is 14 days. I mean on my 28 cycle I had ov pains on CD14 and I did with my next cycle, and this month again around CD 14 -16 so I would say mine is 14 days which would be today......she says.

    k xx
  • K-lou i love i love your posts.......haha always say what others thinks......I often think this too!!!
  • what is silly i know lol xxx
  • i had loads cw today at work hope good sign well doing test tomz if do get bfn i try next wed
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