month one ttc

hey everyone. this has been our first month ttc although i have been off the pill since november. im cd27 today, last two cycles have been 25 days and the ones before that since came off the pill 28 days. so af probably due tomorrow, i have had sore boobs and been tired but i know how unlikely it is to fall pregnant so quickly. yesterday i bought my first every test from sd. when would you test? should I leave it till monday as technically late then if af dont come tomorrow, thanks for your help x


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    if i has many tests available I will most likely have already tested ! lol
    I am POAS addict couldn't hold not to test.
    Getting off the pill will screw up ur cycle very much.

    But as an advice will say wait till tomorrow.
  • lol, thanks for your reply. i came off the pill in november as was planning on ttc this november and wanted system clear of it, but brought it forward a bit. i seem to have been really lucky with cycles since november, going back to 28 days until last two at 25 days. have you been ttc long? ive never done a test in my life, lol
  • Hiya,

    It would be better to wait till monday but then again if it were me I would have tested as soon as i got back from buying it! :lol:
    Did you buy a twin pack? It would be better as you could test with FMU tomorrow and even if that comes back BFN then you can use the 2nd test for monday morning. Fingers crossed :\)

  • hey, thanks for your reply, i so hope I do get a BFP soon, but know I am probably just imagining symptoms, lol. think af is on its way image yeah i bought a twin pack of superdrug ones as a lot of people on here seem to use them. if it does come then onto month 2 with more idea of when to bd etc... x
  • Fingers crossed for you. Im going to have to rely on OV sticks as my cycles are all over the place, I used them the month before and this cycle I didnt use them and just watched CM. I werent really bothered when i was OVing as me and hubby didnt really want a december baby.

  • sorry to hear your cycles are all over the place, i think ive been pretty lucky. hubby is pretty clear he wants to keep it casual and not organised with ov sticks etc. will see how we get on image how long you been ttc? i feel similar about a dec baby but when hubby agreed to start ttc i was feeling too broody to leave it till next month - I was pretty shocked tbh!! x
  • Hey,

    I only came off the pill on 15th March and i got my bfp on 14th April so it can happen very quickly.
    I hope you get your bfp very soon.
    Good luck.x
  • wow that is quick, congrats!! hope you have a H&H 9 months x
  • I was half trying for the last 5 months and fully trying this month :P
  • Im on month 10 of being off the pill, we were half trying from december when i had a 43 day cycle, We thought we'd done it coz i had no AF but then it came 80 days later and it was hell! I must of used about 20 pg tests not including the pg tests at the drs also had a blood test,ultrasound and internal scan in all that time.
    I would say we have been properly trying for 2 months as thats when i started using OV sticks apart from this month.

  • Hi this is my first month aswell, trying not to bacome obsessive and keep it casual but its hard, keep thinking maybe this month but we shall wait and see, now on my 2ww. Feel better now I know when to BD (blush). Not using anything except a calander at the mo.

    good luck to you xx
  • am on my first month ttc, am using ov sticks as my cycles are mad crazy. good luck xx
  • thanks for everyones responses, good luck hope you all get your bfp soon. still no sign of af, normally comes first thing in morning so fingers crossed!! was going to test first thing but was up at 6.30 for the grand prix so never got around to it plus im a ikle bit scared!!
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