Ovulation Pains

Hi girls,
I've tried googling this but wondered whether anyone else gets ovulation pains and whether they are before, during or after you ovulate?

Anyone else experience them?



  • Hiya,

    I've only experienced it once, and the reason I'm sure that it was ov pains was because it was the day I got my peak. I think I felt the pain as I ov although I can't be absolutley sure.

    Hope that helps

  • Thanks Rainbow, am gonna make sure we BD tonite then!! he he
  • Have fun ;\)

  • Bloody men! Hubby stayed up to watch the football highlights so by the time he came to bed id fallen asleep. I was going to tell him that he had to come to bed but then thought better of it as that would seem like i was being a bit of a babyzilla. I suppose we had already BD'd friday and saturday. Will just have to make sure that we do it tonite instead! he he
  • I get OV pains in a big way, they actually hurt me. I remember having them before i went on the pill, and when i was 13 i went home from school thinking i had apendicitus! lol mum had to explain what they were. I mointor my CM too so i know the pains are related to ov'ing x hope that helps x
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