Boo, im out.

Well after the first week of the 2WW, and me thinking i could have got inplantation bleed yesterday all of my symptoms have gone and i got a bit more blood in my cm when i wiped.

I feel so,so stupid as i couldnt sleep last night as i was praying and wishing that it was an inplantation bleed, so i could have got some sleep after all.

Had a little cry about it, but i have also phoned the Drs as that would mean i have a LP of 7 days which i am sure is too short (correct me if im wrong but my thinking is your LP never changes and i know i OVd last Sunday).

MIL phoned to say that SIL is now in hospital having her little girl, and the washing machine is broken and the landlord is sending her annoying/stupid/pushy Dad around (even though he couldnt fix it last time) instead of a repair man and im hand washing loads of things in the bath.

Just cross at everything right now, and feel silly.

Good luck with everyone else, and lots of baby dust to you all

x x x


  • ah huni it may still be implantation, wait to see if if af arrives in full flow. Im sure ive read that you can get implantation bleeds more than once and don't forget some people have light periods in the early months. hang in there til you know for def. x
  • Hey HF,
    I wouldn't presume anything untill AF arrives in full. You never know what the small bleed might be? If it is only 7 days since ovulation then this is the most likely time for inplantation!!
    Try to stay postive and see what happens as our bodies do strange things to us so you never know.
    All the other stuff will just feel worse cos you are feeling down.
    Keep us posted and I have everything crossed for you!
  • aw thank you. ive also gone pale white now too which normally means AF is on her way...just need to get the PMA up now!!!

    x x x
  • Oh hugs hun, I have my fingers crossed for you, is af in full swing? as it could still be an implantation bleed. whens your next af due?

  • Watch Glee its a fab singalong and will get you smiling!!! e4 now or e4+1 @ 10pm. This could well be a good sign, your bean may be really settling in x
  • Kaiti B you are so sweet!

    Its not in full swing, just red in amongst the cm but i never really get CM either. I really do hope its a little bean getting comfy but i dont feel symptoms.

    I think maybe i need to calm down too, i really,really hope there is still a chance. AF would be due on Valentines Day,so i got a DRs appt as i thought i might be having a short LP?

    x x x
  • Aw fingers crossed hun, I think I could have af on way but not sure as only been having tiny shows am now 23dpo!! I think unless I ov later than I thought.

  • SD- i know, ive been reading! I cant believe that its so unfair for you, i cant even imagine what you're going through. The Drs seem to be very kind, as ive read so much about Drs that just dont want to know.

    Also the fact that they're not chasing you about must be a good thing as they maybe dont know-but at least thats not a 'they know and its not so good'.

    My friends Aunt was preg for 3 months before she found out, she had neg tests and a little bit of blood during really messed up cycles, with her second preg she had twins and she thinks (she's a nurse so its not all internet searching) that the first preg was twins and thats why she had a bit of blood but luckily ended up with a healthy little boy.

    Totally off subject there, but i do think that little miricles and shy beans can happen!!!

    x x x
  • aw hun, as others said its not over yet! And as you said it would be a very early AF. Still got everything crossed for you xx
  • stupid witch! Let us know how you get on at the docs. Have you recently come off the pill? Could that effect your LP? Mine was 9 days last month which was super short too x
  • No, not been on pill!!! I was on depo but ive been off it for about two years now. Aw thank you, i will hopefully come back from the Drs full of PMA!!!

    x x x
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