Think I'm trying too hard

I think I'm stressing myself out over all this ttc malarky. Myself and DH started trying in June when I came off of the pill. I had a couple of long cycles to start with but they were both cycles of 42 days. Therfore I bought a CBFM to detect OV (I also temp as well). The month I started the CBFM I had a cycle of 65 days and hence, it never worked. Also from temping it showed that I didn't OV in this cycle either. (However I did OV the first two cycles I came off pill) I'm on day 17 of the 2nd cycle using CBFM and still on lows. I think it's this little gizmo that is stressing me out too much. I get soo downhearted as I've never seen a high yet let alone a peak.

Think I need to quit this obsession as it's making me think that there is something drastically wrong with me. So no more CBFM and no more charting. Just gonna see what happens.


  • Aww hun I know how you feel, you can go a bit nuts really!!!! I did all of that stuff and to be honest it just got me down!!!! I did have to wait 20 months for my BFP but it was amzing to conceive without the headache and all the fuss because we totally stopped trying! It will happen!!!! Stay calm, BD for fun and the bean will appear!!!! xxxxx
  • Hi i think everyone goes through these thoughts i did. I got rid of the cbfm and my last cycle i just relaxed and when i noticed EWCM we bd'ed everyday for 4 days and got my BFP. We were more relaxed.

    Good luck sending you lots of baby dust x
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