Sex and the City Movie 2 - Plans??

I absolutely love the programme and have the whole collection and watched it from start to finish, well I have lost count. Loved the first movie and I am so excited for the second one! Last time there were four of us and we booked tickets for the first night (tried vip but ran out). We planned a 'planning night' at my flat where we drank Cosmo's and planned our outfits. I had bought the movie sound track and programme album for background music. The idea was to watch episodes and be inspired. I chose a dress I had worn to a wedding and to pull my hair into a side pony tail like Carrie does to the red carpet event for Samantha's boyfriends play night. Andrea my friend made us flower corsages to wear round our wrist or where ever we chose - inspired by Carrie's love of big flower corsages. So we all got dressed up to go to the pictures and had Cosmo's in the bar before hand (even though they didn't appreciate how much the drink would be requested and ran out of cocktail glasses and took ages to serve). After the film we went round town.

Plans for the second movie are pretty much the same but outfits are inspired from first movie. I like Carrie's look for her engagement meal she has and her hair style so might opt for that. But this time we are in VIP yey! Tickets are booked and I can't wait.

Anyone else as mad as me out there? :lol: :lol: :lol:


  • Kind of! My work friend's friend works for the cinema so she gets preview tickets - there are about 12 of us all going on the 26th - the day before it's released here - not sure what day it's released in the UK???

    We have decided to wear uncomfortably high shoes and fru fru outfits and have drinks beforehand (well maybe no drinks for me if my bean sticks). So you're not to only mad one but I don't think we're having a planning party although that sounds like fun :\)
  • LOVE IT!! A group of us are heading to the film and getting our nails done before as we are going out for tea that night as its my Birthday then!
  • Me and a few girls are going to see it and i cant wait either love it. We all went to see thr first one so should be good. Having some dinner before and then roll on the icecream and
  • Baby on board - It doesn't come out till 28th May. You lucky thing, would love that before everyone else. Yep uncomfortably high shoes sounds right up my street too ha ha.

    Homefairy - that is a nice birthday celebration. Love the nails idea too!

    Holly22 - It is the same group of us going this time too bar one. I can't wait. I haven't even seen the trailer for it this time. As last time i found out just before we watched it that Steve cheated!

    Well there has been further development. I am now hosting a little planning pre-event thingy at our house. I am going to be serving cosmos and a lot of iceland finger picky food. I might even do an 'Auntie Margaret' and make up a quiz and stuff. My Auntie Mags is great at parties etc and goes the whole works. One event was Mamma Mia night for the girlies of the family and there was Greek food, bingo, quizzes, karaoke etc. This is taking place on 22nd and we go to the vip viewing at cinema 29th yey!! My OH even offered to serve us the cocktails in just a pinney and a cherry on top (;\) ) ha ha. I have found the soundtrack for the second movie so going to attempt to download it too. Love it ha ha. I think I am the nutter on here though image

  • I love SATC too! I spend most Saturday mornings ironing and watching repeats/the movie and I'm not even embarrassed to admit it. I secretly walked about Greenwich in New York the other week hoping I would bump into SJP. I think my husband was on to me, he knows I'm mental!

    My friend and I have booked dinner with a cosmo, followed by the movie itself with more cosmos - as we're going to a cinema where you can take your drinks in! Can't wait. I shall be wearing my brand new (and first pair!) of Louboutins. I'm actually excited writing this!!!

    Enjoy girls xx
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