Should I test again?

Hi ladies

My last af was 22 February so am on CD45. Last month I had 35 day cycle so thought af was due last Sunday. Tested Tuesday (day 37) and BFN but af still no show, no symptoms at all though.

Not sure when I ovulated I presumed around CD15 - 20 and thought I may have, but do not think had lots of EWCM like I definetely had on CD20 last cycle. I may have ovulated later and not really noticed as just presumed af would come as we did not BD around dates when I presumed i OVd. Have BD since so maybe could have ovulated a different time.

I am confused :\?

I have only been off pill since January so maybe messing with my system or should I retest as been 8 days since last test?????

Thanks xxx


  • hi mrs F,

    you seem in the same predicatment as myself.

    I came off the pill in jan, had withdrawal bleed and after first months cylce was 35 days. So assumed this month would be the same, but no now on 40 days done one test on 36 which was negative. since then had no sign of AF, felt sick a few times.

    so do i test again?? couldn't hurt i suppose. After reading comments on here though just think it is all down to coming off the pill and cycles all over the place. hate being patient

  • Hi Hollox

    Yes you seem to be pretty much exacty the same as me at the minute. I am thinking maybe wait until the weekend and test you I hate being patient but no idea when ovulated so maybe need to give it more time. Sickness sounds like a good sign hun.

    I do not like being stuck in limbo like this, I am going on holiday to egypt in 4 weeks and hate not knowing when af will rear her head!!

  • Think your right maybe wait untill the weekend...

    so annoying! although i don't mind not being pregnant this month as only started ttc in jan, but would just like the af to be regular so that at least you know everything is working ok and you can work out when you are going to ov.

    good luck hun let us know how you get on x

  • hey girls, it could just be your body getting back to normal. i came off the pill on 29th december, had withdrawal bleed a few days after. first cycle was 30 days, second was 34 days and so far, this one has been 33 days - i should come on in the next few days.

    i read somewhere else on here that it can sometimes take from six months to a year for your body to get back to normal after being on the pill.

    i know what you mean though - it's bloody annoying not knowing when you're due on.

    Edited to say that having explained the above, cd45 is a hell of a long time, so I agree that you should maybe test at the weekend.

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