Now 10 days late..... And nothing!!!!!! Update....BFN!!!!!!!

Hi all back from Prague, wonderful break, wonderful city!!!! Just what I needed. However I am ten days late now and still no sign..... Last tested at five days late and bfn, I am going crazy, got a smiley face on CD21 so that I was having a normal cycle but CD 45 today????? Has anyone heard of really bfp after bfn?:roll:

went to doc today, what a waste of time, just said test again and if negative just wait for period.... It will come!!!! Really, when???????????? I hate male doctors they don't seem to give a f!!k.
Anyway bought a fr and got a definate BFN, not even a hint of a line, so I am defo not pg as something would show almost two weeks late. So back to the drawing board.... Just carrying on bd every other night until something happens x

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  • Im going through the same hun. Im 6 days late now and no sign. I have come to the conclusion thats my cycles are messed up from the MMC and D&C. My first cycle after was spot on 28 days after but now on CD35. I have read this is very common to have a very long 2nd cycle.
    I hope you get some sort of answers soon as I know how much its messes with your head.

    Did you bd the whole way through? If you did there is still a chance you will get a BFP as you may have ov'd very late.

    Lots of luck xxx
  • I got my smiley face on CD21 so I guess I ov CD22 had a bit of ewcm to.... So that is now 23 days since, we did bd after that for a while!!!!! But I took some more ov tests and negative so fairly confident I ov then..... No idea what is happening, my mc was now six months ago!!!!!!
  • Hi there - sorry to g/c but wanted to reassure you.
    I didn't get my BFP until I was 6 weeks late! It is possible to have low HCG levels and so it takes a while to show up.
    My advice would be if still no sign by the 2 weeks late mark, go to your DR and request a blood test to confirm.
    Good luck and fingers crossed for you xx
  • hiya, really hope its your bfp but just wanted to share one of my cycles..
    I use the digital opks too and a few months back i got a smiley on cd 18. i temp so knew i hadnt ov'd as no temp rise! tested again a few weeks later as i had another lot of ewcm and got my 2nd smiley of month followed by temp rise showing ov. This has never happened to me in 6 months of using digital opks and i ended up having a 6 week cycle! the opks only show our body gearing up to ov - not actual ov and sometimes we can gear up and then fail to ov and our bodies just keep trying. So frustrating!
    anyway, could be this but do hope that its just a very shy beanie! good luck xx
  • Hi
    I agree with the others. I am in the middle of a very long cycle. I wasn't all that sure how long the cycle would be so guessed at 28 days and kept a chart for my own use on cm and symptoms (looking for pms type ones for ov).
    When my period was a week 'late' I looked back over my chart and saw I had EWCM only very recently and looking at the other symptoms (fetting emotional, sharp pains etc) I now believe I ov much much later in the cycle; cd 33/34.
    Maybe its a similar story for you?
  • Now day 11 and still no sign of her. Going to ring the doc in the morning to see if he can shed some light on anything!!!!!! Still not tested yet since last Sunday...... So I suppose still some hope of a bfp yet!
  • Ooooo good luck. I have a good feeling about this ;\)
  • Just booked an appointment with the doc for half eleven..... So will see what happens. Still really tired , lower back pain, and boobs feel a bit bigger but not sore..... Really hope it is good news. Anything else stopping my period cannot be good??????
  • Bless you, it sounds so positive, fingers crossed you get good news today!

    Huge good luck and babydust for your appt this morn, let us know how you get on!

    Take it easy chick! xx
  • hiya, glad u had a great hol. cant beleive af hasnt shown! good luck with ur app and let us no how u get on xxxxx
  • image sorry 3054, what a mystery???? u did defo ov when u think u did? maybe it ws a bit later.... well alot later?? lol xxx
  • Sorry to hear you still got your BFN 3054, but dont give up home, its not over until the evil witch shows her face.
    Some ladies on here were saying they didnt get their BFP until 6 weeks after - so dont give up hope hon xx
  • Hi Hon,
    Maybe it is that you have skipped a cycle and so you missed when AF was due? In which case you could be part way through the next one.
    If I were you I would try as best you can to forget this month and be kind to yourself

    Worry will only delay an AF so look on it as treating yourself and relaxing as what you need to move forward. (Sounds like you need a break from this dreadful month).

  • Hey hon, are u ok? Hope u got what u wanted but big hugs either way xx
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