too scared to test

Hi all,

I am too scared to test in case its a BFN!
I've had flutters just above my knicker line, small tummy craps and extreme tiredness (although this could be down to the mayhem at the end of year in school). I have really irregular AF since coming off the pill in March/April. This month I am 5 days later than last month which has built up my hopes along with the tummy flutters! Also my skin is in the worst condition that it has ever been!

This has all built up such a positive picture for me that I have become too scared to test just incase I'm don't get my BFP (to the point where I was walking into ASDA tonight and filled up at the thought of testing!)

Has anyone else had this? How did you get through it?


  • Hi wannabeamummy I am in my first 2ww, this past month my skin has been horrible patchy dry skin, spotty urgh I hate looking at myself in the mirror at the moment!!

    I have had flutters in my belly and weird pulling pains in my lower tummy, I too am too scared to test but its to early for me as am only 4/5 DPO and dont want to see a BFN.

    Whats your test date, how many DPO are you?

    Good luck hun and hope you get your BFP xx
  • Your symptoms sound like me at the moment. I don't know what DPO I am on as not been tracking ovulation date due to periods being messed up and very irregular! But I am 5 days past my AF due date!! Just got myself thinking that I could quite possibly be PG but don't want to shatter my dream by testing!! OH wants us to test on Saturday but I'm still not sure.

    Part of me wants to while the other part of me thinks if AF shows her face it'll be easier to handle than a BFN!

    Good luck and hope you get your BFP this month xx
  • are you 5 days past your longest cycle? if so you really need to be brave and find out x

    good luck x
  • Hi hun am just tracking my cycles on clearblue calendar and I put my last date of my period into this website and it creates a cycle chart for you. So far this is month 1 of ttc and I done an OPK when the chart said I was due to ovulate and it was positive.

    Ooh am getting my hopes up now but anyway am not due AF til 21st Dec so have got to wait another 11 days before I can POAS!!!

    The website is

  • Thanks for replying and Sparkling Diamond thank you for the website. Will test on Sat morning, hope to speak to you all then with some good news!!

    1st cycle was a whopping 135 days, 2nd 37 and 3rd 45, I am now on day 50!

    Fingers crossed for Saturday anyway xx
    Good luck to you too xx
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