CBFM Failure???

Help me please!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had my 1st peak yesterday (CD19), after a lot of highs, had no probs with the monitor so far, this morning I POAS and inserted into the monitor - as I always do when it tells me too, and the ! and phone symbol popped up....aaaarrrrgggggghhh.

I took the stick out, switched it off, then put it back on, CD was right at 20, I inseted the stick as it asked me too and it read it as my 2nd peak - so it looks okay, but I'm a bit worried as it says in the book when you get this symbol the monitor is no good.

I shall phone the helpline when it opens but wondered if any of you have had this, and then had no problems ???????



  • I can't help with the symbol or whether your machine is broken or not but I can tell you that after you get your 1st peak, you will always get a 2nd peak, followed by 1 high and then low readings. I worked this out pretty early on when I was using it, so managed to save quite a bit of money in sticks as I just used to pee on an old one and insert it. Trust me it works, it's an automatic feature. The key is getting that first peak reading and I wouldn't suggest messing around with old sticks before you get that.

    The helpline are very good, so I'd definitely give them a call for advice on the fault xx
  • CBFM is fine.......

    The helpline said I inserted the stick to quick and it's only faulty if the message comes up straight away when switching on.


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