11DPO and...

BFN on a FR image
Tested 4 days before AF is meant to arrive.
Not sure if its still too early or what.
I think i had implantation yday, so could this mean theres not enough HCG yet thats built up?
Really disappointed now and lost PMA image

Good luck to all the other ladies testing today image



  • dont be too down heartened there is still time. i think i had impantation on the sat night and didnt get anything on tests till the wed morning on a superdrug test.
  • Cheers hun image
    Really hoping i am, have been so excited lol.
    Think im just going to wait now and see if AF comes.
    Although am always tempted lol.
  • Sorry to hear that, me too image I'm 12 dpo and convinced a BFP would show by now so am prepared for AF soon. My luteal phase has only been 7/8 days for the last 5 months so at least I know the B6 has worked.
    As your lp is longer you are still in with a chance but I know how hard it is not to be disheartened.
    Fingers crossed for you x
  • Hmmm am disappointed, but know it might not be over yet, think thats the only thing keeping a bit of PMA.
    If i cant wait for AF then will test again monday lol.
    Whens your AF due, monday?
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