Please help - I'm going mad!!!

Sorry I have never used this before but this ttc business is driving me mad and I would really appreciate some advice please! We have been ttc since September 2007 and at first it was great fun but now Its driving me mad!! I can't help myself checking the Internet about 100 times a day every time I think of something! I read something the other day that hernia surgery can cause infertility - has anyone heard of that before? My H2B had this surgery when he was younger and now I am convinced this is the problem! I'm hating ttc, can't stop crying and feeling down over it, just went it all out of my head ! :\?

Sorry for the rant, any advice would be appreciated!

Thanks xx


  • Oh honey, u have got ur self in a bit of a state. i know how hard the whole ttc thing is we started in october 2007, and as calm and fun it is at the beginning is now stress tears this wont happen again for us.

    I can't really offer any words of wisdom and don't know about the hernia thing, and i would hate to say the relax thing...cause we all know how hard it is.

    But all the girls are great here and will offer you advise and support when we can.

    Good luck honey.
  • Oh hun, ok just chill and take a few breathsimage Sometimes these things can just take time. I have heard it can take a year for heathly couples when there are no probelms at all.

    I wish i could give you a hug to make you feel better ;-(

    It will happen honey

    k xxx
  • Hi sunny123, im so sorry to hear that ttc is making you so sad and stressed. Maybe your oh could contact his gp to find out about the hernia op causing problems, its worth checking. I dont really know what other advice i can give you as im only on my 3rd mth ttc baby no 6 and ive never really had problems ttc (sorry not trying to rub it in that i already have children) Maybe you should also make an apt with gp to get things checked out as uve already been trying for nearly 8 mths. Im sorry im not much help, i really hope your feeling more positive soon and that you get your bfp. xx
  • Thank you for all your kind words! Think I'm suffering from a bit of pmt at the moment, hopefully next week I'll be feeling a lot more positive about it all!

    Good luck to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Hi sunny123. We have been ttc since oct 07 and I had no idea it was going to be this difficult and sometimes stressful. I hope it reassures you that you're not alone. All of us are going through the same and know how crazy it can all seem. You just have to accept that it takes a while and one day it will be all worth while when you have your baby in your arms. Our daughter was a very very happy accident and so when trying for our 2nd we had no idea. I have some really bad days too. we are here for you if you need a chat xxxx
    good luck hope u get ur bfp soon x
  • Summer41 I could not agree with you more. My head is filled right now of so much information from the internet I already feel stressed and worried things are wrong with me and I have not even started trying yet!!!!!!!!

    K xxx
  • Summer 41 you are so right about the internet it can be so nasty at times having so much info available! I need to stop looking up stuff!! Thanks everyone and good luck to you all xxxxx
  • I completely agree with what everyone else has said on here. We've been trying since August 2007 and nothing as will happen though. You just have to enjoy all the bding!!! xx
  • Oh hun,

    So sorry to hear you're so stressed out about getting pregnant

    I recommend that you start taking reflexology sessions, it's really relaxing and will take all the stress out of ttc. It has really helped me to chill out and put the "fun" back into our relationship.

    I am sure it will happen for you when your body is ready which I know is frustrating because like alot of other people feel on here, we all just want that BFP so much and each month gets harder and harder to believe that we are ever going to reach that goal..... But we will

    Stay happy and stress free and enjoy being together

    Good luck
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