Anyone else have really irregular periods?

Hi Girls,

I am starting to think my periods are really really weird. I came off the pill last May and since then I have never had one cycle the same length. They aren't just a few days out, they vary hugely. My longest cycle has been about 48 days and my shortest was this month-I am CD2 today and my cycle was only 21 days! It is also very heavy and painful this month as well. I have noticed an increase in my af symptoms-I get a lot more pain, sorer (if that's a word!) boobs and quite sharp ovary pain. I also get quite painful ovulation. From what I can tell my LP is always the same-15 days. It's when I ovulate that varies hugely.

Should I get myself checked out-not in terms of TTC but just gerenal health? I already have 2 children, strangely this has happened to my cycles since I have had them-I was slightly irregular before but nothing like this.

Anyone else?

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