SO fed up - my body is doing crazy things

OMG am so sick of trying to work out what is going on with my cycle!

This is first cycle off pill. Currently cd38. I started getting EWCM on Fri, did opk on Sun and it was pos. But then had EWCM until Tues (maybe tiny bit yesterday but could have been sperm - sorry tmi!) This seemed like a long time to be getting EWCM as thought it was meant to clear up ubruptly after ov. This morning I now have lots of creamy CM. So am utterly confused.
Been taking BBT so was hoping that would rise so I could be sure I an ov - but it went up 0.1 degree on Tues, another 0.1 yesterday and has now gone DOWN 0.1 today. WHAT?!?! I thought maybe I am a slow riser but now it's gone down I don't know what to think. Also, I have been so nervous/excited about taking my BBT to see if I have ov that I haven't been sleeping properly so maybe that has affected the readings.
NIpples have been sore since Monday/Tues which I thought was a good sign but now I'm not so sure.

Anyway, I strongly suspect I have PCOS so perhaps it is failed ov and now my hormones are all over the place.

Not really sure what my question is. Just wondered if anyone can offer any pearls of wisdom/reassurance. Or just listen to my rant. :cry:

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  • Ooh BabyB, our bodys are horrid at this time of our lives. When we are not ttc we never notice any changes in temp or CM or anything then when we ttc its all we can think of and any slight twinge we put it down to ttc even tho its probably only trapped wind or something. We all do it and i'm sure it can't be good for us. Can't really offer any pearls of wisdom but didn't wanna r&r.
    Hope you get a BFP at the end of this confusing time. Good luck. Sxx
  • Thanks SLOW. Hubby is getting really annoyed with me for getting so stressed about it all but I just want to know things are ok as my sis has PCOS and had trouble getting pg. Was do excited on Sun when I got pos on opk and now just feel so confused and worried. Sucks.
    I had never given my CM a seconds thought until 36 days ago and now I am obsessed with it. How life changes hey?!!
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