Its dragging already!!

I'm only dpo2 today and its already dragging. Probably my own fault cos I've been reading my pregnancy bible-lol!!!!!!!!!
Also I am a bit puzzled because I had ov pains again yesterday evening at the other side to fridays so I dont know whats going on. I dont think you can ov twice. Seems very silly that I got no pain last month at all and double pain this month!!!!!!!!!!


  • Hope the 2ww flies by for you hjanea. I'm usually ok til the 1ww. This time it's taking a age to go by. Fingers crossed double pain is a good sign?!?!?!?

  • How far into it this time are you dg?
  • good luck hjanea - my fingers are crossed for you image xx
  • I think af should have appeared today but so far has stayed away. Will test tomorrow morning. I've only got one test in the house so don't want to waste it as I'm convinced the witch will come and I don't really want a bfn!!!
  • Oh good luck for tomorrow dg, everything crossed for a bfp!!!!xx
  • Thanks hjanea ... I'M SCARED!! (Didn't mean that to be in caps but actually seems very appropriate!!!) Hope your 2ww is going ok. 1 day less now!
  • It is so scary when you get near enough to think -it just might be and know your hopes may be dashed if af arrives late or you get that bfn!!
    I have pma from somewhere this afternoon, could've been from reading the due in june 08 forum!! I have been bored cos its been raining here for most of the day!
    Let us know how you get on tomorrow. Good luck!! xx
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