not feeling well :(

anyone else feeling crap at the mo. i have a runny nose,sore troat and a sicky tummy and gernerally feel crap but really want to do some baby dancing tonight as near ov (i think) but cant be sure if i havent already ov'd! god this stuff is confusing. anyway woo is me,im feeling rubbish,sniff sniffimage


  • Awwww, hope you're feeling better soon.
    I'm feeling ill too, full of allergy, not good. Due af on tuesday though so even if I was in the mood to bd (which I'm not) there's no real point. I shouldn't really be aiming for my bfp yet as money wise would be better if we put it off for a few month so suppose it's natures way of making sure I don't!
    If you're up for bd'ing though go for it but make sure he does all the work. lol.
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