Implant out tommmorow - Any advice??

Hi ladies,

Well i'm having the implant out tommorow (which appears to have only just hit OH lol)

I see many posts when people are talking about cycles, ovulations etc and I don't get any of it at all.

I just wondered if anyone could give me any advice, I'm currently AF at the mo, not sure when it will stop as my inplant made them pretty eratic but once it does is it just a case of letter the baby dancing commence?

Sorry if it all sounds thick / naive!

Thanks - BK xx


  • Thanks for the reply, god knows what my flo will be like as since having the implant in Aug ive pretty much been AF every other week image everyone i know with it recommended it to me as it completely stopped their AF and I appeared to go the opposite way!

    Good luck to you - sending you lots of baby dust image xxx
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