I feel sick and tired...in that order!

I dont feel to great! For the past few days ive been feeling sick to my stomach....and am so tired in the day im finding it hard to stay awake!!! I think its prob my body recovering from the mc as i feel rubbish at the minute! On an up side though i got the job i applied for, go me!! So phase 1 of my plan is done!!! Wouldnt mind not getting pg for the next few months now so i qualify for maternity leave (god did that just come out of my mouth!!!) Will still keep ttc though, just no pressure which is good!! Not sure how long to leave to test...am thinking about leaving it to the end of june...although would be nice to test and see if it was ov 10days ago image xxxxxxx

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  • hey hun, congrats on your new job! i wouldnt worry about qualifying too much as you can always claim it through the job centre instead if need be. hope you get yor bfp again sometimes soon! good luck hun
    Caz x x
  • Congratulations on getting the job!!! Hope you are as sucessful with the bfp!!!!xx
  • Yay Kim! Good on ya girlie! You do know of course that getting a new job and booking a trip to Canada virtually guarantees a bfp, right?!

    Good luck, Im sure you will be posting a bfp thread VERY soon! xxx
  • Lol bb4, i hope thats true!!! I hear congrats r in order as it was your af!!! I hate being in limbo land....still not sure what the deal was on tuesday with the cramps and speck of red in my cm!!! I guess il have to wait and see....god theyd love me at work if i was....first day there and running to the loo to be sick, nice!

    Thanks for you msgs too caz and hjanea, i didnt know that about the job centre, assumed u get nothing if u havent been there long enough!!!! And gd luch H for next weds...may be naughty and test with u, not sure if it was ov but ive got a bumper pack of test so may as well give them a test run!!
  • hi kim congratulations on the new job, hope your really happy. Bet you don't get to the middle of next week without testing!!!
  • Yeah hun, your employer doesnt have to pay you SSP (statutory sick pay) unless you have been there a while, they will let you know if you dont qualify, but you can claim MA (maternity allowance) through the job centre. Its basically the same but someone else is paying you!
    Take a look at the site below it tells you a bit about it
    Caz x x
  • I'm going to try and hold out until at least friday and as its the 13th dont really want to test then, but dont know if I'll manage almost another week!!!
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