To test or not to test ... that is the question ...

Afternoon lovely ladies!

AF is due on Friday/Saturday - and I'm DYING to test but know the dangers of testing too early!

As MrsJC already tested at the weekend (and I'm SO happy she got her BFP) - I need another "Step away from the HPT" pal LOL

Severe symptom spotting antics this weekend have included - feeling really cranky - have woken up ravenous for the last few days, sore-ish nips (TMI), feel full after a few mouthfuls of food, have been feeling exhausted come 9pm and just want to sleep...I could go on LOL

Now I know these could all be AF signs, and I'm trying not to convince myself that I feel odd ..eeeeeekkkkkk!!!!


  • Try and wait as like you say you know the dangers of testing too early. Am sending positive thoughts you way and lots of baby dust. I know I will be the same in a few weeks so I know it's easier said than done.

  • Hey shirls!! Those symptoms sound good!!

    Sorry I tested early!!! I just knew! I don't know whether it's late early or on time!!! Lol

    i used asda which are dead sensitive so if you test maybe weds then it would pick it up as only 2 days early!!!

    I'm not pushing you!!! Lol early testing is very naughty!!! Lol

    good luck Hun

  • Hey Mrs...

    LOL - I'm going to hold out...for as long as I can...tee hee!

    Thanks hun - hope you are feeling good today?!

  • DON'T DO IT!!!!!

    Ok, I'm a hypocrite having tested 6 days early this month, but really wished I had more will power. I got a faint line on a First Response test but trying not to get my hopes up and probably wont believe until I actually miss my AF. However the uncertaintly is driving me insane!!!!!! The 2ww wait is far easier in comparision!

    Good luck what ever you decide to do! xxx
  • You can be stuck in limbo with a faint line, or disheartend with a bfn...or you can stick it out till test day!

    Good luck with whatever you decide! xxx
  • Lol.. Thanks girls... I'm holding out until AF is late...

    Mande I seriously chuckled when I saw your opening line lol..

    Thanks for the replies, you have all stiffened my resolve!!

  • I like you are due fri/sat...pretty sire we haven't done it this month though so not bothered about testing early. But i agree with the other try and hold out if you can. Good luck and lots of baby dust to you xxxx
  • I was naughty and tested 5 days early and get a v.strong positive but not everyone is as lucky as all depends on hcg levels
  • You are never out until the witch arrives faye!

    Lol... I think I'd pass out if I got a bfp tomorrow!!

    I just walked passed superdrugs and faltered.. But kept walking after Reading your posts... Big pat on the back for me!

  • Very big pat on the back! Wish I'd been as strong!

    Fingers crossed for the weekend for you. xx
  • Congrats macdoona.. Well done you!

    Mande - I was seriously proud of myself, gawd only knows what tomorrow will bring though lol

  • Well done shirl... you can do it just take everyday as it comes.

    Im almost 100% sure im out, i feel like i normally do about this time. So im pretty sure AF will arrive on time!! Typical go from thanking god your AF isnt late to wish and wishing s=it stays away!! lol
  • Thanks Faye.. Babydust to us all!

    Are you going to wait and see if AF arrives before testing?

    I'm going to try my best to wait until the weekend....Sunday at the latest LOL!!

  • Yeah im going to wait till atleast mid week next week if not the following weekend. But defo not till after AF due, my cycles are normally 29 days but i did have one that was 32 so going to wait till leats after monday which would be day 32.
    If i thought i might be i might of tested at the weekend but as im sure im not pg im going to wait so not to waste a test.

    Yeah you so defo wait till the weekend, keep yourself busy hun. I know its so hard to wait, i used to test early but gave up as kept getting BFN!!
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