hey all

hi, just wanted to come on here and say hello because i have been reading posts for a few weeks and your advice and comments have been useful and reasuring so i thought id join. I came off the pill last month and my hubby and i have been through the countless discussions about TTC and have decided that we are going to 'see what happens' at the moment and try not to get stressed about it...(easier said than done right!?) so..hi!


  • hi bailey, we are ttc too, we are hoping for a bfp this coming month! x
  • hey bailey, every one is really lovely, so if you've got any questions done hesitate to post, this site does come with a warning though.............its addictive!!!!!! xx
  • I second that twizzlepie.
    Hello and welcome, hubby and me are into month 3 TTC number 4, and are hoping it wont be too long b4 we get BFP.


  • thanks. I can imagin that it can become addictive very quickly. Still trying to figure out all of my dates so i know when i have the best chance of conceiving and everything but im sure i'll get there.
  • Hi BaileyB and welcome.... good luck ttc.

    I can only second the addictive warnings!
  • hello and welcome!!
    i hope you get your bfp soon! xxx
  • Hi there and welcome. Hope you can stay relaxed until your BFP.......I haven't managed it! This site is great for support when you're feeling low and don't want to talk to OH about stuff for fear of sounding obsessed about the whole thing. Good luck. x x

  • Hi bailey welcome to the site, I've not been around long either, currently ttc month 2 for baby #1... already bordering on 'obsessive'!! lol. good luck hun x x


  • Hi, welcome to the site. Good luck. xx
  • Hi and welcome to the site, good luck ttc, hope you get a BFP really soon.
  • hi, thanks for all of your lovely supportive messages! We are making the most of TTC and trying not to stress about it too much.

    We are off on holiday for 2 weeks later in the month and AF will be due to join me in the second week....but im hoping she doesnt turn up! do you think its worth taking a test with me..or is that being too optimistic?
  • Hi and welcome to your new addiction!! Hope it all goes well for you xx

    You can fall pg in 1st mth so if you think you may be - take a test. Just try not to get your hopes up too much and get disappointed if it's a BFN! People who fall 1st mth are very very lucky people!!
  • Thanks immense. I doubt ill be one of the few 'first monthers' among us so i might not take one then i will not be temped to test early.....that way i give AF a few extra days to turn up...(from reading other peoples posts i know she can crop up at any time after coming off the pill).
  • That is very sensible if you can hold out!! Apparantly 4 days late is the best time to test to give chance for HCG to show (unless you are me and 6 days late with BFN's!). My first AF showed at day 40! I am now resorting to testing every 4days - although I really want to test everyday - lol xx
  • well...ill try and hold out..and hope that af doesnt make an appearance. My first 'real' af was exaclty 30 days after my 'pill bleed' ended....which seemed like a really long time! so we will see when she decideds to turn up this time.x
  • Good luck and here's hoping xx
  • Good luck and here's hoping xx

    yeah....and for you too....still no sign of AF?
  • Nope!! 6 days late now - gonna test again 2moz!
  • eeeek, well good luck! are you often late or is it unusual? sending the babydust your way
  • Thank you xx

    This is only 2nd mth off pill so not sure. 1st AF had 40 day cycle and now on day 46!! I know could just be my body playing up still after pill but is really frustrating as I just want to know one way or the other!!
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