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Just thought I'd say hi as have been lurking for a while!!
We are TTC#2, DD is 6 months and we really want a small age gap as I had severe sickness throughout last pregnancy and know that I wouldn't be able to run around after LO whilst preg. Hoping that she won't be walking for a majority of next pregnancy!
Still waiting for my cycles to return to normal as LO is still having one feed a day from me, she has dropped 3 feeds in the last couple of weeks so really hoping AF will be on its way soon(never thought I would be saying that!)

Anyway, enough of my babbling!!!
Look forward to chatting to you all!



  • Hiya congratulations on baby no1 We are also ttc our second child our little boy is 4.
    Wishing you lots of luck and Welcome xx
  • Hey, welcome to ttc. I'm also onto #2, have a little boy who's 14 months. X
  • Hi and welcomeimage
    I also have a little boy whos 3 & 1/2 (who is soooo ready for a sibling)
    Im on ttc month 9...i'm hoping august will bring all of us some good news?

  • Hi and welcome hunni. We've got a 18 month old dd and are ttc no2, hoping we don't have to wait too long. Fingers crossed you get your BFP soon xxx
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