Feel Great - being sent for a laparoscopy

Hi ladies

As most of you know i had my first fertility appointment today. Was their for about an hour and a half doctor was great didnt make me feel silly or anything. So she has booked me in for a lap and dye on the 31 July.

If they find something wrong then next step is IVF. IF nothing is found then they will start me on fertility drugs ie clomid and if the worst happens and i dont fall then its iui. But i feeling on top of the world that something is finally getting done and i am one more step to getting our baby. Maybe the NHS arent so bad as i was lead to beleive that it could take years

Thanks girls for all your support and kind words you lot have always been here for me and i dont know what i would have done with out you.

love jen xxxxxxx


  • Glad your feeling better Jen, I have my dye test next wednesday. Xxx
  • Wow hun!!! Glad your finally going to get some anwsers, am very excited for you!!!! And your Lap and dye is on my birthday!!!! image xxxxx
  • Just wished you luck on littlem's thread as didnt see this one! Good luck (again), Im really thrilled for you that things are moving, and glad you had a good experience on the nhs. I think the reason the nhs gets such a bad press is that only the people who have had a bad experience tend to post about it as they quite rightly feel hard done by and want a rant. So its great to hear positive stories like yours! xx
  • Thanks guys

    Annette - You'll need to let me know how you get on, good luck are your nervous?

    Woomummy - Its gotta be a good sign its my mums birthdays the next day. How you doing?

    Babybump4 - Yip i cant complain they have also told me if they get a cancellation they will phone me.

    Jen xx
  • Glad things are being sorted for you x
  • Really pleased for you. Sounds like she was great, especially after you had been so worried. Good luck with the lap&dye!xxx
  • Really pleased for you. Sounds like she was great, especially after you had been so worried. Good luck with the lap&dye!xxx
  • I am really pleased that things are moving forward for you.
    I have been booked in for a lap and dye test too, although I have read somewhere that if you start your period at that time they can't do it and you have to re-arrange and I am pretty sure I am due on around that time so I will have to look into that one. Like you things have moved at a surprisingly decent pace since we got referred to the clinic as we are going through the NHS too (touch wood)!
    Annette - good luck with your lap too.
  • Thanks Jen and Hope4abambino.

    Yes I am very nrevous hate hospitals, think I'm more worried about the results and what will happen next, I'll keep you posted though Xx
  • Hopeforbambino - Yes this is true ive been told if your af appears you cant get it done so fingers crossed i hope she stays away for you.

    jen xx
  • Im good hun, just taking each day as it comes!!! Waiting for my appointment to come through from the hospital now!!!! Hopefully wont be long....and yes i agree your guna get the all clear i can feel it image x
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