Help with stress levels?

To cut a long story short - I have to try and bring my stress levels down. I do believe that was probably the reason why I was so late this month.

I rreally thought I wasn't that stressed but with sorting out accounts and end of year payroll. Maybe I just underestimated what our body can do to us and it is always that side of things that normally warns us somethings up.

So I have devised a plan of action - most of this I should be doing anyway if ttc (but I haven't been - so slapped wrist to me)

lose weight
eat more healthier
drink more water
have regular massages

any other ideas would be greatly appreciated xximage


  • Lots of uncomplicated sex, sex because you love your dh and not becasue you are ttc.
  • rule is to forget work when I walk out of the door at 4.30 everyday and remember 'its only a job', completely chill out at the weekends. Its difficult but I avoid stressy people as they negatively project onto you. I've read The Secret and its all about the law of attraction and positive frequencies - i'd really recommend it!
    I've cut down my caffeine mega loads and this has really helped me relax and I'm sleeping better.
    HTH, and I'm interested in what everyone else is doing! Sucha good post. Babydust to
  • I think just do what makes you happy! I'm on 2ww now but prior to this, I enjoyed coming home from work and sitting in the sunshine with a glass or wine and my dh to chat to while we threw something on the BBQ for dinner!! Go and have a facial or massage when the budget allows (this is my greatest extravagance!) Or just a lovely evening out, relaxing meal and a walk along the river with my dh....
    But most of all LEAVE WORK AT WORK!! I too have just dealt with year end accounts, new year budgets, and we are being audited on 8th June but I don't care!! Home is home and I'm not losing any sleep over it - what will be will be!
    Anybody tried hypnotherapy?? - meant to be good for relaxation but not tried it myself!
  • Those things all sound too good to be true!! believe it or not I'm in france on hols at the moment. My eldest is sat playing cooking mama whilst my youngest is having a nap with the oh! The problem with work is, it's my own business - so it never stops when I get home. Even now on hols as we are looking to relocate I've had to deal with emails and phone calls. Hence why I've got to bring my stress levels down!! Still have employed new staff which should mean that I get more time at home doing what needs to be done rather than working at the nursery and having to do all the other stuff at 10pm! Sorry but needed to rant a little bit!!

    I enquired about hypnotherapy to help weight loss but it was too expensive. Going to use my clarins minutes for a treat when I get back was saving them for the pre-natal treatment when I finally get my bfp (had the post natal and it was bliss - highly recommend it) xx
  • Have you tried something like yoga or pilates?? Not that I have but lots of people recommend them for relaxing, it'd be good for you and are both good exercises to do while pg as well so you could keep it up once you get your bfp! Also you could get a dvd and do them at home if the thought of going to a class is too much!!
    I've been meaning to start pilates but haven't quite got round to it yet. I really should listen to my own advice though. :lol:

    Take care
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