where is everyone with ttc.?

just being nosey.lo. there are so many different posts on here. just wandered.

im on dpo7. on 1ww. we are just in first month so not getting my hopes up too much. trying my best not to symptom spot.lol

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  • Iam 2 month ttc, and am now 4 days late for af! but have a bfn on sunday! So im confused! xx
  • hiya. hun dont give up till af arrives. when i was expecting my first i didnt get bfp till 7days late.xx
  • Hello

    I am going in to my 3rd month of TTC and i am on CD15 at the mo so think i am OVing today or the next few days?

    K xx


  • Hi, we're on month 9 TTC, and am on day 35 of a cycle which can last between 32 - 38 days. Last few months have been 32 days, but resisting the urge to POAS!

    Clare x
  • this is our 2nd month ttc and i'm currently on cd11 out of a normal 28day cycle for me image due to ov sat or around then so after that i just have to hold out for the dreaded 2ww! Lol
  • Hi Ya, I am at the start of month 2 TTC and am on CD3. All new to this TTC game and am learning lots as I go along.
  • hello
    I'm on CD116 of second cycle off the pill, ttc nearly 6 months although obviously with no ov not really trying! Anyway, finally ov'd so on 5 or 6 dpo now.
    Going on a hen do this weekend so might do a FR (6 days before period due) test on Friday although not expecting anything to really show up then as would only be 8 or 9 dpo
  • Hey,

    I am on month 12 of ttc, using CBFM - on 4th cycle. OV tomorrow or day after so lots of BDing image
  • Hiya- im in exactly the same boat as you ANGIELISA!
    Month 1 of TTC and 7 dpo!

    I know ur trying not to symptom spot but have you had any symptoms :roll:

    Im trying not to (yeah right!) but I did have a funny taste in my mouth yesterday- like paint??!!? Which has completely gone now so could have been anything!
    Also had a dull ache very low in my tummy but mainly when im sitting- like its heavy if that makes sense!? that's about it!!
    Again could be anything!!! I don't "feel" anything either so im really not getting my hopes up!
  • ok. i know i said im trying not to but i have been. since about dpo4 ive had a stitch like pain in my side. the last couple of days my boobs have been sore and today i am nausus and the only thing helping is eating little and often. the reason im trying not to read into it is that it is my first month off pill and im scared its my body playing tricks. although the symtoms are very similar to i had 1st time round. when areyou testing.xx
  • I'm month 6 ttc and on CD29 of a normally extremely regular 27 day cycle. Tested on Saturday with First Response and yesterday with cheapie and both BFN :cry:. Am going to test again at the end of the week if af doesn't show, then suppose see GP if still BFN.

  • Currently on month 18 given up with counting days so im not sure what day im on going with the flow.

    good luck girls
  • Hello everyone im a newbie been ttc now for over a year with 1 mc but am very hopefull it wll happen this year, tried all the counting and charting but was slowly making me feel worse each month when it didnt happen so have decided to go all 'au naturel' and suprisingly it has given me a new lease of positivity image
  • I am on cd7 and hoping to ov on sunday or monday-my donor is available and hoping that it will be 5th time lucky!! I have plans for putting my legs up the wall with loads of pillows under my bum-wish I could still do that 'cyling'position that I could do as a kid but think I may do some damage if I try as I'll be 40 soon-don't fancy ending up in A&E and having to explain!!!xx
  • Hi there,

    I'm in month 2 after a very early mc and currently in the 1ww. This is my second and the first was a surprise so I'm new to all this. x x
  • hi everyone

    i'm on CD26 of 28 day cycle, trying for our first. lost our little bean in may having started ttc in jan. waited one af and this is first proper cycle post epc. fingers crossed we've done it - got to stay positive!

    good luck and pma to all xx
  • Angielisa - did u really not get ur bfp untill 7 days late? Did u have any symptoms? Im 4 days late today, i thought if i were pg it would show by now? Its wierd im gonna hopefully go to the drs tmw re -sickness/hunger feeling i keep getting had for about a week and a half. originally thought it was pregnancy but with all my bfn i thought im proberly dying of a stomach ulcer or something!
  • Hi there

    Im on cd6 and been ttc for 9 months now. Thought we had done it this month as had so many different symptoms as last but felt like a fool again for getting my hubby all excited and his hopes up. :\(
    Fingers crossed for this month.

    Annette xx
  • Hello

    This is our first month of ttc as we just got married 3 wks ago! On cd15 at the mo so trying to get as much BD in as possible, hee hee!! x:lol:
  • hey angielisa- probs going to test sun as i wont be able to wait but i think i already know what the result will be-:cry:
    when are u testing?
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