fed up.

is anyone else. im stuck at work bored out my mind. ive got loads to do but no notion of doing it. on the other hand im getting excited i start taking my pill again on fri and that meanson 21days till i am officially ttc. hurray.


  • Hi im just on my lunch but just wanted to wish you lots of luck in ttc.

    jen xx
  • thank you. counting down to lunch its been a long day. prob shouldnt even be on but cant help peaking.lol
  • Oh i know its addictive, cant help myself either. Bad BE lol. xx
  • I'm the same. Doesn't help with other people are on leave this week either, so may be taking sneaky looks throughout day or taking extra long lunch hour.
  • its just so tempting isnt it. im in office myself today and just cant help myself. the day is dragging and i just want it to end. roll on getting a bfp and taking maternity leave. i probably still find time to moan then.lol. the best of it is i really do have a cheek im only in here 3days a weeks now.
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