I'm a newbie and proud!

Good morning ladies,
Any advise you have would be very thankfully recieved. OH and myself decided to try for a baby last year, so we had health checks, I stopped the depo jab (last one was due nov07), we were careful until march 08 and then we went for it, BDing all the way.
BFP came in april and boy were we chuffed. Sadly last week at our 12 week scan it was discovered I'd had a silent miscarriage.
Well we've cried and consoled and now it's time to pick ourselves up and look to the future. Having made the decision that OH is going to try and reduce stress at work and take pro-natel his tablets and I'm going to slow down at work and deligate more whilst continuing to take folic acid and eat my salad(I hate the idea of rabbit food on a plate so big sacrifice!) we are going to be careful until AF has been and then let nature decide.
The one problem I have is everyone is saying eat fish such a mackeral, but I'm allergic to all fish and shellfish!
Any receipe ideas?
Sory to give my life history, but we're anxious to get it right!



  • Hi mrskeen. sorry to hear of your mc but glad to hear you sound positive and up for another go! Can't really help on the recipe front. Is it the omega oils you want to get from the fish as i'm sure there will be supplements u could take instead. Also was watching river cottage the other night and omega oil is present in free range chicken but not sure of quantities. I'm lucky as i quite like eating a bit of rabbit food!! (although only on the side!) especially as i've just started growing my own. Now i when i eat salad i also feel very smug!!
  • Professor Golding from Bristol University, advised women who felt they did not like fish to take omega-3 supplements as an alternative. Found it looking for eating fish in pg. HTH. Welcome by the way! xx
  • mrskeen, you will be missed on the Dec board but I'm so glad you're looking to the future. Just wanted to say that if you want some Omega-3 capsules I have a few months' worth going free to a good home as they don't seem to agree with me. They're sealed in their foil packet. Let me know if you want them & I'll send them to you.
  • Hi mrekeen, so sorry to hear about your loss. THink you sound really brave and just wanted to say good luck for the future and hope you get your sticky BFP really soon. Take care hun.
  • good luck hope you get your BFP soon x
  • Welcome mrskeen. Really sorry for your sad loss. Hope you get your bfp soon. x

    BTW, Im veggie and dont eat any fish, but I do take omega 3 supplements. mumomega are great but pricey, so I use Sanatogen folic acid and omega caps. xx


  • Sorry to hear of your loss. Welcome to the forum tho and good luck for the future xx
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