God i just want to cry

Now its hard enough seein new borns and pg women everywhere i go and especially more so since the mc.....

and i can deal with the fact that my sis is pg (27weeks) and close friend/cousin (23 weeks) but now dh has just rang to tell me SIL is 12 weeks pg!!!

I can't cope with this anymore i'm at work and i'm welling up every1 around me is getting pg and i can't seem to manage it!!!

:cry: :cry: :cry:


  • Hi Lilac,

    I know exactly how you feel - same thing happened to me a couple of weeks ago when I found out my boss and my cousin were both pg. I had a cry at the time and I know it's so hard to be happy for them.

    In my more positive moments I try and think that things happen for a reason and i will fall when I fall for a reason. It will happen for you and when it does it will seem worth the wait. In the mean time, chin up honey.

    R x
  • Oh Hun

    I feel exactly the same I have just came back from lunch having had to listen to a pregnant colleage going on and on and on about it !!!

    I could just weep !! there should be a cupboard at work where you can go for a good cry to just get it out of your system !!

    Life just aint fair

  • Hi,

    Me too!

    I find it so hard at the moment, I just want my little bean back! Seeing pregnant women and new borns makes my heart ache! I don't have any close friends or family around me who are pregnant at the mo, but I can imagine how hard it would be......just seeing random pregnant women on the street or at work is hard enough!

    What scares me is, I want to fall pregnant again, but I am so scared about the same thing happening again and having all of the symptoms and expectancies of a pregnant women to then have my hopes dashed again....to basically have spent half a year pregnant for nothing....

    I think I am lacking pma too at the mo!

    Big hugs Lilac....

    F x
  • God its just so unfair it really is- not that she doesn't deserve it ause she does and at the end of the day i will be an aunt twice over by next yr....but still!

    The other thing that bugs me about the whole thing is the insensitivity of ppl- SIL is always asking me if i have any news yet i never pry....maybe i should have!

    AND i rang my mum and said about it and she said "oh how do u feel? bit gutted?" -errr surely that goes without saying.
    Then proceeded to TELL ME well u've only been trying 6months and i said no how'd u work that out she said well u got pg in dec so its been 6 months since then so i said well its 10 cause we'd been trying b4 that (which she knew) and then proceeded to tell me that, that doesn't count anymore cause i did get pg?!!

  • aaaaw lilac, I just want to send you a big bear hug (from my Henry Bean bear!).

    We all know how you feel, you're not alone so rant and moan and cry away.

    My first day back at work after my MC last week, my colleague proceeded to tell me about her friend having her baby. Then my bosses wife is pregnant and he started going on about that!


    Big hugs, your time will come - but I know us keeping saying that probably doesn't help too much xxxxxxxxxxx
  • Oh Lilac...

    People really are insensitive....people who haven't been through a mc or haven't had to wait long to fall pregnant don't really understand things as much....

    Just hang on in there.......soon the time will be right.

    F xxxx
  • oh hun I know its probably not what you want to hear right now but you know you CAN get pregnant because you have Ellie. It will happen for you and I cant believe its taking me this long either since I already have a child but it gives me hope that one day I will have another baby. God knows when but It will, I promise!!!
    I wish I could say something more constructive I really do. sorry
    xXxXxX big hugs babe, here have some chocolate
  • thanks girlies god knows whats up with me! why i'm taking it so personally i don't know its not like their doing it to spite me!!!!
    Just wish i had some idea what was going on think i'm on cd90 now?! had some more spotting im my cm yesterday but agin no af!!!!

    *takes chocie from fiona* now if u and flecity could make me some cakes too that would be great!!!! they'll keep me going till gyne on the 15th july!!!
  • sorry i was reading this post and couldn't read and not write!!! i know i dont normally write on here but i read this thread and had to pass on big cuddles!!!

    i stupidly thought i was young and healthy etc and it would just happen... after a few months started worrying and then month 4 decided to use ovulation kits... month 6 i went docs - now this is naughty but i wanted to get checked and was told by friend if you say your getting niggling pains round your ovaries then they'll carry out internal (not pleasant) but then id know if something was wrong... i did this and he did the internal the following week -confirmed nothing obvious was wrong etc... and had a feel of ovaries (don't get how he got to them) but anyway that month was the month me and hubby were sick of it and arguing about it and i was like sod it i give up- anyway i only fell pregnant when we least expected didn't do ovualtion tests and didn't do it when i thought i should be!!! anyway when i spoke to doc he said that sometimes the ovaries need a jump start and that the internal proberly did that!!!also during all this hubby had a lump on testicle and was going to be sent for tests the next month....

    i really hope i haven't upset you by writing on here with me now having lo - but i just wanted to say that it will happen, positive thoughts... although im sure VERY hard!!! especially with people around you being preg...

    good luck to all of you........................... xxx
  • hi i didnt want to read and run. ive not got any advice im afraid that hasnt already been said so im just going to send you a (((((BIG HUG)))) and lots and lots of ******baby dust*****
  • hey sorry to hear you are surrounded by pg women. i seem to find them wherever i go as well and i can understand that longing feeling.
    big hugs hun, and lots of pma xxx
  • its always the way - when youre desperate for something, everyone else seems to have it already.

    I know what you mean about everyone being preg around you hun. Hopefully gynae will sort something out for you and we'll be 'seeing' you with a big grin on your face very soon.

  • hi hun, just reading these messages made me feel for you so much, i dont know what its like to be pg or have a mc and it hurts just to imagine.im ttc for my first and only in my first month,keep going, you will get your bfp im sure of it. u have full support here.

    Good luck hun x x x
  • hey hunny, big hugs to you, and everyone else TTc, it's tough at times, really tough,,, but as soon as it happens,, you will forget about all this feeling and be the happiest person in the world.

    i lost at 7 weeks, and it's so hard, even going int town cos everyone around is pg, but the time will come forus all, it's only a matter of time, and we all need to stay stress free (is poss lol) and try and relax, and it'll happen when it's right.

    big hugs to all, and loads and loads of *******baby dust ********

    Good luck everyone xxx
  • even people on telly and films are pregnant. we went to see the happening, it's a thriller - even that had some woman getting pregnant after 3 months. everywhere I look! I'm on cd1 month 7 now. starting to feel it's taking too long. babydust to everyone XX
  • I can totally understand ! We've been married almost a year and all we hear is when are you having babies! In fact dh was at in laws this week and apparently that was all they went on about !! Plus my mate at work who married the same day as me got pg and goes on maternity leave in a week, thing is she was told she couldnt have kids so comes off the coil figuring whats the point and within a month she's pg ! i'm on day 55 wondering where af is and feeling miserable as i know late af isnt coz i'm pg ! So unfair !!!!!
  • Thank you for all ur msgs but i'm feeling much better now i think its probably fate that i'm meant to be an auntie this yr and god damn it i'm gonna bethe best aunt known!!!

    I also saw my SIL last night and i can hardly feel bad they really deserve it i had no idea that they'd been ttc for over a yr and had mc last yr and bless her she'd been worried about telling me cause of my mc!
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