AF just arrived

I am so fed up with this all now :cry:


  • So sorry shes found you. Sending a big bucket of PMA for next month!xxxx
  • Oh no sorry to hear she found you, try and stay positive for next month. I have a feeling she may find me today aswell, if she does I will be having a drink or 2 tonight to cheer myself up xx
  • oww sorry to hear she found you, she is evil!
  • oh no!!!!!!!! evil cow xx
  • I'm sorry hun, how long have you been trying? Make sure oh looks after you today, and some chocolate may make it a bit better too. Hugs and PMA coming your way. x x
  • Sorry to hear that gypsy. xx
  • Oh no Gypsy I'm so sorry to hear that. I thought it was your month image
    Hope she buggers off soon so you can have another go!
  • I'm sorry to hear that gypsy. Lots of PMA for next month xx
  • sorry hunni. that damn witch x
  • Sorry hun, shes an evil cow, good luck for next month xxx
  • Sorry it didn't work out this month gypsie - it's shit isn't it? I have no af so far but bfn for me today so we can feel gutted together.

    Onwards and upwards now hopefully!

  • Thanks girls, I do appreciate it, but you've made me cry!

    Hubby is most upset too, he thought we might have done it this month. Yesterday I was fine, I was out with friends but today I'm just so fed up with everything. Been trying since Christmas and I just want to be pregnant image

    B*gger, am now crying at Legally Blonde!
  • nothing wrong with a cry gypsy xx(((hugs))) your time will come and then you will find yourself crying even more!! maybe august will hopefully be your month hun x x x x x
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