who uses multiple OPK at diff times of day etc?

Been using the First Response OPK the ones that come with 20 in a pack. I had my period on 12th March and started testing around day 5 after so I have used 8 testks. Im on day 14 and no line yet, should I try a different test and if so do i need to wait till next cycle or start anytime.

My plan was to use this one and when I get the second line I was going to use the clearblue the ones with the smiley face to see if that came up with a smiley face then I would be doubley sure

What do u ladies do?



  • I used the amazon cheap ones in the morning and then again in the evening from CD8 and then from CD13 i used the cheap ones in the morning and evening but also a CB (with smiley face) in the evening.

    I am happy i did because on CD18 the cheap one in the afternoon showed a second line but i wasnt sure so did the CB one and the smiley appeared.... made me VERY happy!!!

    I am now on CD20. So basically i am OV later than i thought!

    Hope you get that smiley and then Bd bd bd!!!!!!
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