ebay ov tests

morning everyone!

ok so im on cd22 of a (i think) 34 day cycle. no + opk yet, i have been testing 2 times a day, i did just read k-a does hers once a day mid afternoon and she got + so im gonna start doing that. (thanks k-a image so i was wondering if anyone else has used ebay cheapies and not got a +? is it just me? im starting to worry i have pcos? am i over reacting? just to no a few others have had this would be great! maybe the tests r duff? xxxx


  • hey Mrs me i wanna no that too as was gonna order new set for this month. . They very cheap so am wondering the same? If not them which ones and how much they cost? X X
  • Hi mrs me, I have used opk from Home health last month, and am using them this month too, (I actually got them on recommendation from one of the ladies on here whos got her bfp after using them) I belive they are the same onse as one on ebay (they look the same)

    I did get + on CD13 and 14.

    I think tese are the same onse, maybe you'll find it useful, just a link showing positives...so I do think they work.


    Make sure you test pm, and try not drink too much hour or two before testing.

    Like Kerry-Anne pointed out, do you get even a faint line, as I do tend to get a faint one which shows that they do work (mind you it doesn't always show)

    Maybe you just ov very late. When did you start, have you ov early maybe? Fingers crossed for you darl.
    Hope you get your +
    Naturelle xxx
  • hiya all thanks for replying, yeah getting a line, just faint some days and even fainter the next.

    thanks so much for the info naturelle!

    update: i have just tested for today, and got a stronger line! woooop! so i would say it is as sark as the control line, but its very thin, do u think its a + will bd anyways lol xxx
  • yay finally image get busy bd'ing image xxx
  • teehee i did, as soon as i saw that line i was like right!..... come here! haha. poor hubs! so just done anoter one.... i no i just love poas! lol. and its light again, so im guessing i have no or am now abou to ov? so will bd again 2moro too? xxx
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