CD42 for me (last cycle was 42 days) tested negative on sunday and then started getting some light spotting so thought AF was on her way. AF...spotting is only really when I wipe and is (tmi) stringy and brown??? I have no idea when I ovulated..could this be implantation? I would normally have come on properly by now....maybe just clutching at straws


  • could be implantation, sounds good hun, maybe u ov'd super late???? keep us posetd if af doesnt come in 5 or so days test again? xxxxx
  • Definitely sounds promising hun xxxx
  • Well it was wishful thinking girls...the witch came and got me last night! glad to know whats what though so gonna fill my face with chocolate for a few days then start again lol....

    fingers crossed for those stll waiting xxxx
  • Oooooo can I share on the chocolate???? need it today image.....sorry the witch showed up hun, but at least you know your going to be around the 42 day cycle each month now xxxx
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