Hey ladys

How are you all this afternoon. I just wanted to know what the signs are if you are pregnant. I'm not pregnant that I know of (in my two week wait), but would just like to look out for signs in the future.

The only thing is if I know the signs I think I have them!!! Every little twinge I will be thinking is it a sign?? My imagine goes into overdrive. :lol:

Thanks girls. xxx


  • Hunny, are you sure want to know, cos believe me there's no going back :lol: :lol: :lol:

    Since I found out what they were, I ss like a crazy woman and even convinced myself I was pg last month.....until AF arrived :cry:

  • they are v similar to AF! v easy to get the 2 confused in the early stages!!! think thats all you need to remember really! x
  • from what I gather rock_kiz is right. Basically if you feel a bit tired, hormonal, bloated, they are supposed to be the signs BUT dont you feel like that every month? I know I do!!
    I have now concluded that I will not believe it until I see it! lol with about 10CB tests just to make sure!
  • Hello
    Thought I would give my advice as got my BFP on sunday.
    During my 2WW I had a slight nose bleed, was bloated all the time so much so I burst the button off my jeans LOL! Slight sickness but nothing major.Also had days were I felt constantly hollow, nothing I ate filled me.
    The biggest indicator was that I just knew! Even before I tested something in me was saying you are pregnant! Whether it was womans intuition or hormones I dont know but my body told me way before the test did
    Good luck and baby dust to you all
  • thank you mrscarter!
    happy & healthy 9 moonths to you and beanie!
  • Yep, just like the ladies say it can be just like AF. My symptoms were exactly the same as I always get pre-AF x
  • Hi

    I agree with the ladies - it just feels like af on the way.

    I'd read so many sites where women said it felt so much like af but I thought I've had regular afs for years for years and I'm sure I'd be able to tell the difference but no. I can honestly say I ran to the loo dozens of times thinking she'd arrived.

  • Thanks ladys. I keep getting twinges in the pit of my stomach the past few days but two early for AF hae another 12 days or so to go so I think I just ate something dodgey image

    Wishing you all your BFP's soon xx
  • Hey Mrs B!!! Fancy seeing you here!
    Well me and Mr F decided yesterday to start TTC so I'll be joining you! The YAYW obsession has now turned into a BE one!
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