so bloated it looks like I'm pregnant!

Hi Girls

Anyone else get so bloated that it actually looks like they're pregnant?!!

A few times today I've looked down and done a double take as I can't believe how much my tummy is stcking out today! It's horrible - I'm pretty slim so it's pretty obvious. Wonder what's causing it, and how to get rid of it?!!



  • What CD are you hun? xxx
  • i've lost count, but prob about 28 or so - but I'm just about to have pcos confirmed, so no idea what phase of cycle I'm in!
  • Aww bless you hun, fingers crossed its bfp, but I always get bloated when af shows her nasty face. Not something you've eaten, loads a bread? xxx
  • nah, been really healthy last few days - although strangely I was flying today from stanstead, and I've just remembered the last time I noticed I was so bloated was at stanstead airport a few months ago - wierd!! Maybe it's AF thinking about making an appearance.... hope not as I'm getting onto clomid and need to get that sorted before next cycle starts! lol....

    hows you? xxx
  • Could be something random like water retention when you fly? Drink plenty of water, actually helps with water retention.

    I hope the clomid works for you hun, I'll bet that now you've started taking it, you'll get your bfp!

    I'm good, think I've just ov'd, lovely to catch up with everyone. If we don't do it this month am going to get a CBFM, hubbys idea, poor boys knackered! lol! xxx
  • cool - well I hope you don't have to get one, but will be a nice new toy to play with lol... i'd love to get one but with pcos there's not much point!

    take caer xxx
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