Hi girls,

not been on here for a little while - got a bit down when i got BFN a few weeks ago.

anyway - i am patiently sitting waiting for AF to come (she's due monday) - i had tested early, as i thought i OV early and had cramping etc (but looking back, this could have been OV cramping!)

tuesday afternoon i was getting REALLY bad AF cramps, so bad that i was convinced she would arrive in the night. didnt sleep well as it was bad cramping.
since then....nothing. a few short stabbing pains, but no cramps and no AF.

nipples VERY painful (put PJ's on last night and they really hurt!) and really really thirsty.
also having super vivid dreams.

anyone got any thoughts on this, or am i just kidding myself?!



  • That sounds really positive hon!
    Fingers are crossed for you getting your BFP, the symptoms sure sound good though xx
  • oooh, i didnt realise they were that positive! i just thought they could be AF symptoms (which they still could be)
    i wont be getting my hopes up - as i had convinced myself i wasnt pg from the BFNs i had!

    am testing tomorrow morning - so fingers crossed! xx
  • fingers crossed for you livvy xx
  • I know its really hard, but last month I convinced myself I had loads of positive pg symptoms and then AF arrived after 2 weeks of symptoms.

    Our body and minds play tricks on us while we are trying, so really we have to try our hardest to just wait until AF is due and go from there xxxx

    ( I wish I could follow my own advise - i'll be a nightmare after i've OV this month ) !LOL !
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