I am so scared

Hey Ladies

Just another quick update.

Im 17DPO and i ALWAYS have a 28 day cycle image

I did a test 12 DPO but was a BFN now im too scared to do another one, I would rather get AF...
im sure some of you ladies have felt this, but everytime i go to the toilet (which is every 30 mins) im so scared that shes here.

As for symptoms still all the same as before.

Im trying to stay positive but not get my hopes up. Any advise?

karina xx


  • Sorry hun don't really know what to say - my cycle was weird this month aswell.
    Didn't wanna r&r.
    I suppose, its not what you wanna hear but maybe just try and focus on something else for today?maybe build a snowman!
    sorry cudn't be more help.
  • I would deffo make a doctor's appointment. Either way you want to get this checked out. Also think you should take your mind off it, snowman is a good idea. I also find if my period is a bit late, often a bit of physical exercise/exertion brings it on.
    Good luck either way, I hope this helps.
  • Why dont you test again and if it is a BFP then big smiles all around. If it is a BFN (boooooo) then maybe the stress of not knowing will disappear and AF will show her face xx
  • lol im in Australia, we don't get snow, we're actually in our summer atm... yeah im going to try do a test tomorrow morning
  • yeah i might see if i can get into the doctor tomorrow thanks ladies
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