when to test next?!

hiya girls. just wondering how long i should wait after a bfn to test again?
am ttc baby no 3. came off pill in jan and first af jan 21st. my cycles are usually all over the place when i am ttc so expected a long wait til feb af but it came on feb 20th. was really pleased actually! i was due my next af yesterday morning but it hasnt arrived. i did a really cheap test, (one of those dip stick ones you dip into your wee) and got bfn. i wasnt too suprised as having af like cramps all week. but my af is still a no show. only other symptom is frequent headaches which i dont usually get. when should i test again? am working this evening so could pick up another cheap test. has anyone got bfn only to get a bfp later? thanks girls.


  • hiya, ive heard lots of girls get a BFN, then a BFP a couple of days later. i would say try in 2-3 days, if BFN may just be ur bodys confused after coming off the pill still? good luck! let us know! xxxxxxx
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